Because hope is for Putin and something called Ron DeSantis Federico Rampini

Because hope is for Putin and something called Ron DeSantis  Federico Rampini

a gift for Russian President Vladimir Putin And Xi Jinping came from the end Ron DeSantis.

The Florida governor, who until recently looked set to win the GOP White House nomination in 2024, recently I took a stand against aid to Ukraine.

DeSantis is having trouble in the polls and the move is an attempt to restore support in Trump’s base. It opens the possibility of US foreign policy taking an isolationist turn with a Republican president. For Moscow and Beijing, it does the trick The hope is that the alliance of allies that Joe Biden gathers will not be eternal.

DeSantis’ tears came after A.J Declining popularity: returned to the Republican base Donald Trump leadsWhile Florida’s governor held the top spot for months.

(Let this serve as a lesson. Those who start strong in the polls often end up very poorly at the finish line; however, trying to predict how the race for the nomination will play out one year in advance is an exercise that is always doomed to fail.)

DeSantis in an effort to get back on track takes a look at another poll: the one that accordingly 40% of Republicans think America is spending too much to help Ukraine. Since Trump has always harshly attacked Biden’s foreign policy, DeSantis is trying to curry favor with the crowd with this anti-Kiev turn.

Republican voters are not necessarily pro-Putin. Indeed, there are other possible explanations for the 40% who criticize Kiev’s aid. This aid has actually cost a modest 0.2% of US GDP so far. But there is a conditional reflex where, If Zelensky’s endorsement comes from Biden, many Republican voters think it must be a mistake.

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Perhaps Biden, with his insistence on defending democracy, freedom and human rights, has not convinced that a vital American interest is at stake in the war in Ukraine. DeSantis starts precisely from this, instead of talking about Russian aggression, defining that war as a “territorial conflict” and denying that the outcome of the conflict is decisive for the future of the United States. Another criticism of DeSantis can even be shared: when he notices Biden did not explain to the Americans the ultimate goal of providing aid to UkraineWhat is the realistic outcome of the war, at what time and under what circumstances.

DeSantis also adds concern America is diverting attention and resources from the challenge with China; He says he worries that aid to Kiev is dangerously reducing the arsenals America might need in other conflicts.

Some of the arguments used by the Florida governor are borrowed from the right-wing realist school of thought, which has never accepted a foreign policy based on values ​​and ideals. For the rest, DeSantis fits in, like Trump, in heels Isolationist tradition Which has an ancient history in the United States and deep roots in the Republican Party. The old big party tried to the last to prevent Franklin Roosevelt from dragging the country into World War II against Nazi fascism.

The DeSantis feud — I call it that because until then the Florida governor had not taken a clear position — splits the Republican Party into two camps. Among the official or potential candidates for the White House race, there are some “hawks” who cling to their support for Zelensky and, if anything, accuse Biden of not doing enough: among them are former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, former Vice President Mike Pence and former Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo. Even the parliamentary establishment aligns with military support for Ukraine: starting with House Speaker Kevin McCarty and Senate Caucus Leader Mitch McConnell.

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Does this mean that foreign policy will become one of the focus of the electoral campaign? It may be so, even if he plays a minor role, and now in the primaries, who knows what other issue will dominate American attention … Economic inflation? Banking crises? Maybe slack? Certain too are immigration, public impotence, and values ​​battles over abortion or indoctrination in schools.

For Putin and Xi, it is still a positive The fact that the foreign policy consensus is faltering. And also because the Russian and Chinese leaders hope that some European governments will “run ahead” of the American election campaign, that is, begin to distance themselves from the Atlantic line, arguing that there is no certainty about Washington’s future strategy. this Pressure is mounting on Biden to better explain to Americans and allies what his ‘end game’ is.the way he sees to end the conflict.

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