Banco Sabadell adopts a “no code” programming philosophy.

Banco Sabadell adopts a “no code” programming philosophy.

Banco Sabadell joins the latest trends in programming and adopts the low-code philosophy, which allows the development of user-oriented applications without the person responsible for this task having to master complex programming languages. Thus, the bank integrates open source code tools that allow the average user to code simply and quickly. Thus, application update costs are reduced by 40% and activation times by 50%. Banco Sabadell Which adds to the trend born ten years ago that solves the needs of citizens, employers and employees who need to place their content in different environments independently and without requiring a huge investment of time and money. Actually programming Low code They are little more than an equivalent in terms of applications, giving rise to tools like WordPress for web design.

From the hand of DXC

Deployment is performed by an IT company DXC, which launched a software center specifically designed to meet the needs of Banco Sabadell and carry out the analysis, design, development and operation of new applications. The programming center is located in Alicante and confirms that Banco Sabadell has no immediate plans to move its headquarters back to Catalonia.

Qualitative advantages

Testing time for new applications is now 30% less than the previous average, and in parallel and thanks to a three-week learning curve, new developers are able to work independently much faster. The bank can thus recruit more young talent among its recently appointed Valencian Community owners. In parallel, a plan has also been activated to integrate artificial intelligence tools that will allow complex processes to be visually reconfigured and test cycles automated.

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