Azzam: An Ultra-Luxury Yacht with Ridiculous Costs and Crazy Options | Here is the owner

Azzam: An Ultra-Luxury Yacht with Ridiculous Costs and Crazy Options |  Here is the owner

Azzam is one of the heaviest boats ever built and what it delivers is seven star quality.

During the summer, who does not feel like renting a boat and sailing towards the horizon to enjoy the pristine and crystalline sea. Obviously there are different types of boats and different swimming possibilities off the coast, from to own private boat in rent some One until the decision to leave for one Sea trip.

But there are those who can enjoy their own boat, which is the largest boat built so far. We are talking about Azzam’s yachtAnd It was launched on April 5, 2013 In the strictest confidence: the largest boat in the world. In fact, its dimensions even exceededeclipse Russian, the previous record holder.

Azam 180 metresWhile the eclipse is 163.50 meters long and weighs 14,000 tons. You need to move this mega yacht Two turbines linked to two diesel engines to Total power is 94,000 horsepower. Although Azzam has this rig to sail the waters of the world, the craft It cannot exceed 60 km / h.

Designed by Azam Lurssen’s yacht, or a German shipyard specializing in luxury boats. The project was implemented in Three years Together with the German shipyard cooperated There is, too Nota designthe Milanese firm’s expert in marine aesthetics, French design team Christophe Leoni, who devoted himself to interiors and cabins. All under the direction of the English studio Burgess.

Options in Azam

This three-year collaboration gave birth to a huge artificial sea monster that can entertain its guests with crazy options to say the least. On the ship we can find a file Hall with a length of 30 metersAnd Two nightclubs super-equipped and Swimming pool. For those who are afraid of the sea or suffer from thalassophobia, there is a solution for you as well.

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Indeed, Azzam is also equipped with Ben Two helipads. In addition to all the interior amenities, there are also the exterior extras. We are talking about both classics Lifeboats that who mini submarine Useful for indulging in marine animals. However, it is not just entertainment on board.

Azzam Interiors

Very effective defense

If Azzam’s yacht is attacked by evil people, its defense system will take care of protecting the ship and its passengers. The latter consists of real Complete missile system mounted on the plane. Although this project was intended to maintain secrecy, information was leaked to boat enthusiasts.

But who is the lucky owner of this wonderful yacht? the President of the United Arab Emiratesthat’s saying Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t as lucky as we might think. actually, The guy didn’t have much time to enjoy his yacht into the stratosphereSince his death last year after suffering from a terrible disease.

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