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There is a Tuscan journalist who lives and works in New York who is well known to the Spanish speaking American audience. he is called Filippo Ferretti He works for Univision, a Spanish-language network with the largest gathering area. In Italy, he had various experiences on television, the main one being MTV. He also worked in the Circus Moira Orvey. Filippo recently won an important award, a Emmy Awardcommissioned by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to conduct an investigation that uncovered an anti-immigrant fraud by a man from the Church.

How long have you lived in the United States?

“Since 2013. It has been beautiful and intense years, a wonderful experience. Now I live and work in New York, but my American experience begins in Florida, in Sarasota, a small town on the Gulf of Mexico, near Tampa.”

How did you get to the United States?

“It was almost a coincidence. I realized, in Italy, that I could not fulfill my passion, so a colleague convinced me to try in Florida, where I was on vacation. I began with him to write a newspaper for the Italian community in Sarasota. Things did not go well, and neither Provides me any kind of security and the newspaper was, frankly, very mediocre.We tried an online platform but it wasn’t a walk in the park.Italians in America are a little jealous and it’s not easy to gain their trust.I arrived in America with just under a thousand dollars in my pocket,without Knowing the language well, I felt like I had water in my throat and my life was rather difficult.”

Then things got better…
“Yes, I met someone who worked on a Spanish news show for a local TV network of Univision, which is the largest in Spanish, so I moved to Tampa. It was the end of 2014.”

Do you agree with his tongue?

“Not real. I studied Spanish at university, but it was a kind of school. In short, not much. I started studying, reading a lot, listening a lot of TV. I had to get better, day by day, in both English and Spanish. I must say that when I I started working in television I was a bit afraid, for the language. They supported me, even though I am not a native Spanish speaker. My career was generally fast. From my first reports on the street, I became a reporter and then a news presenter. Then, another leap, I was taken to New York “.

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Now driving the news. She loves?

“It has always been my dream, what I have loved the most to do. I must say that I am able to alternate between running the news and some service. Balance of work to my liking.”

In this beautiful experience, both human and professional, what do you think made the difference?

“I think the key to everything is adaptability. It was crucial. I didn’t want to come to the States to do anything, like wash the dishes. So I was going to stay in Italy. I had a dream and I hoped to make it come true. But in the beginning, it was hard.” I felt a lot of frustration in the first couple of years. In English I understood little. So I tried to study, listen to a lot of TV, read and… chomp talk, overcome shyness. Especially with English, I felt a little insecure but I had to I put aside shame and throw myself in. In this way, I even came to interview the Vice President of the United States, and it was clear that I spoke English.”

Let’s talk about the award. If I am not mistaken, the confession went to an investigation in which it revealed a fraud at the expense of immigrants, who paid for false documents …

“Yes, it all started with a message I received on Facebook. I started the investigation and realized it was a very big story. In practice, there was a priest, taking advantage of the goodwill given to him by everyone, convincing illegal immigrants to get paid to get the documents. What Nearly a thousand people, in total, were scammed, to get an illegal income of about six million dollars

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How did he do it?

He devised a ploy by granting him temporary permission to seek political asylum. At the end of that period in which they were screened, the police found out that the visa was not valid and arrested these people. The news, when it was published, was picked up by all the newspapers, including the New York Times. In the end, the priest was sentenced to more than twenty years in prison.”

What do most of Tuscany miss?

“No one who was born and lived for years in Florence can lack the culture that can breathe everywhere in Italy. The cultural link is the most important thing I miss. Here in Italy every stone has meaning. When I arrived in Florida, where everything is new and modern, With no history, I really noticed the difference. In New York, things are a little better. At least there are some nice museums to visit.”

Do you lack food?

“Obviously. In Florida, it used to be hard to find good Italian stuff. Here in New York, on the other hand, you can now find everything.”

What food do you miss the most?

“Mother’s Lasagna”.

What is the Americans’ idea of ​​Tuscany?

“Unfortunately there is a lot of ignorance. Italy has always looked at the United States very carefully, but here it does not look anywhere else. There are still old cliches of Italians such as pizza, pasta, mandolin or the Amalfi Coast. I am very sorry, for example, when I see products Food sold to Italians, but it’s not at all. For example ricotta that looks like gorgonzola or mozzarella. There is a lot of superficiality about Italy, and the same goes for culture. I’m not only talking about street people, I’m talking about those who have studied , like some colleagues. You might happen to see a report on Italy showing the Eiffel Tower. It sounds silly but the level is really low. I think it depends on the school platform, which doesn’t teach you many things like history and geography.”

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What do you do in your free time?

“During this period, all my mornings are free, I start work at 2.30 pm. First of all, I look at what happened in Italy, the news. Then I enjoy New York, which really offers a lot.”

In which region do you live or do you live?

Near Central Park.

How do you see yourself in ten years?

“I hope to continue doing my job, telling stories and being useful to society. Perhaps by adapting to technology that is changing and also changing our work.”

In your past, there was also a circus job… Can you tell us about it?

“I’ve always loved the circus. One of my first acts was Moira Urvi. Really beautiful and informative learning experience. I was working in a copy shop. One day, when I met someone, I was able to get close to this world. I toured Italy from top to bottom, taking care of By the press office. I also managed to get into several TV facts, where Moira Orvey was invited.”

Then what other experiences have you had?
“I collaborated on the productions of some Mediaset shows and then started working for MTV Italia. I think that was the experience that paved the way for me in the States. Among other things, there I started, for a bit, working in Spanish, albeit in written form, Which certainly facilitates. I’ve worked on MTV for nearly five years.”

How often do you return to Italy?
“Before the pandemic every year. I am now missing from 2019. I booked the ticket for March 8, 2020, when flights were banned.”

Who is waiting for you in Florence?
“All my family. My parents Mario and Mirella and my brothers Claudia and Iacobo. Of course they are friends too.”

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