Amnesty Week and Many Other Things, by José Antic

Amnesty Week and Many Other Things, by José Antic

This Thursday is on the agenda of the House of Representatives Final legislative approval of the amnesty lawAfter a tortuous procedure in the Spanish courts. It was first approved in the House of Representatives on March 14, then rejected by the full Senate on May 14, and, in accordance with the Constitution, returns to Congress for final approval and subsequent publication in the State Bulletin (BOE). ) With the signature of the Head of State who will ratify it. This latest measure is purely administrative and will last for a maximum of one month.

Thus the most important condition for the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez last October was fulfilled by the independence of Catalonia, and in a way the Spanish legislature, as we saw already last week, enters into Uncertain alley For several reasons. The first and fundamental, because the government of the Socialists and Soumare lacks strong parliamentary support, because the majority of the position is in crisis after the refusal of the Political and Social Council and the Socialist Workers’ Party to give way to Carles Puigdemont to head the general government, such as Independence. The leader did so with Sanchez at the expense of Alberto Nunez Viejo, who won the election. The Socialists categorically rule out that Salvador Illa will give up his goal after winning on May 12.

Three more circumstances are added to this significant conflict: As of Wednesday, Pedro Sánchez will be able to dissolve the courts and call new elections in Spain, as it has been one year since the last election call was signed on July 23. Second: Realizing that the amnesty law will come into force now after the legislative procedure is approved. Slow judicial method This will obstruct many ongoing judicial proceedings or prevent their effective application for a long period against the leaders of the operation, raising harmful questions in Europe. In this regard, it is surprising and disturbing that a guide was sent by corporate mail to around 5,000 of them, which practically does not seek to prevent their approval for as long as possible.

By passing the amnesty law, the Spanish legislature is, as we saw last week, embarking on an ambiguous path

Finally, Vigo Sánchez came to life demanding that he withdraw the law and call Spanish elections because he had deceived everyone. This is a step that requires him to passively agree to the lawRuling out any possibility or trick before Thursday, and not calling for elections… immediately. when? Rumors say that sooner or later. In fact, his strategy to exhaust his left-wing voters was to resign forgedMelius and Palestine – apparently for this purpose.

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All this, in the middle Nice European elections Scheduled for June 9, it is more dangerous for Feijóo than Sanchez. The populist has a lot to lose and almost nothing to gain as long as the person who continues to set the pace of Spanish politics is the socialist leader.

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