Antonella Fiordellisi and Eduardo Donnamaria together after GF Vip, Donnalisi reunion video

Antonella Fiordellisi and Eduardo Donnamaria together after GF Vip, Donnalisi reunion video

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Antonella Fiordelesi was eliminated by Big Brother Vibe. The competitor, after the March 20 live broadcast, was finally able to embrace Edoardo Donnamaria again. This is the video of their meeting.

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Antonella Fiordellisi It has since been deleted Big Brother VIP. Thus ended the journey of the contestant who for several months was considered a potential winner or in any case a finalist in the seventh edition. In his exit from the scene, the parents chose to ask Moheb Donalesi Not to save her, a decision that left Antonella confused when she learned about it during the live broadcast on Monday 20 March. Once the audition for the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini ended, Antonella Fiordelesi hugged again Eduardo Donamaria.

The meeting between Antonella Fiordelesi and Eduardo Donamaria

“They told me that Edoardo has already arrived at Cinecittà”: Alfonso Signorini briefed Antonella Fiordelesi, eager to see Dunamaria again. As the competitor was disqualified, the meeting could not take place in the studio. Thus, the two met right after the live broadcast. In the first of the videos posted to Antonella and Edoardo’s Instagram profiles, the two are seen in the car together while singing the greatest show yet Jovanotti’s Big Bang. Then they kiss tenderly. In another video, posted by Donnamaria, the two are in bed together. Finally they are reunited (See video above, edited).

Antonella Fiordelisi was eliminated by GF Vip, reportedly from Donnalisi’s fans

Meanwhile, Donnalisi’s fans wrote a long letter to Antonella, explaining why they decided not to save her. Here is an excerpt from the message posted on the Instagram profile of the model herself:

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Gael de Donna: “When I was young I was the ugly duckling, I became beautiful when I got better”

Dear Nelina, if you are reading this letter, it means that we managed to get you home. You probably won’t immediately understand why we decided to let you take one step away from the final and we’ll try to explain it to you that way. […] You were the absolute protagonist of Big Brother Vip with Edoardo and saw how they pressured you until the last minute in the name of ratings. You’ve been thrown into the audience more than once for the love of the show, butchered with an often distorted narrative, they’ve only shown what they wanted to stoke social hatred towards you and after the umpteenth episode you’ve been unfair. Done, we decided to say enough is enough. You took the weight of all the GFVip dynamics on your shoulders and deserved the final from the first moment, but unfortunately on Bedside Tables and Recommended it was always clear to everyone that you weren’t going to win and you probably wouldn’t have made it to the final. So, after seeing you exhausted and deprived of your only anchor there, we decided to spare you two weeks of further suffering and allow you to go home to the people who love and love you. We hope you understand that this decision was motivated by the great affection we feel for you and a strong sense of protection.

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