“Another 80,000 of our soldiers are in the field.”

“Another 80,000 of our soldiers are in the field.”

Some analysts have expected or hoped for it: When Xi gets his third term from the previous XX Congress of the Communist Party of China, he will return to deal with foreign policy. At this point, China is also concerned about the danger of the use of nuclear weapons and the global recession caused by war. From Beijing there is an incentive for Moscow to search through negotiations in Ukraine.

Putin is ready to destroy NATO satellites used in the war in Ukraine

On that day, a telephone conversation took place between Foreign Ministers Wang Yi and Sergey Lavrov. Yesterday, Beijing wanted to announce, in Minister Yi’s spokesman’s briefing, that the phone call between the heads of Chinese diplomacy and Russia “allowed a confrontation, and Beijing believes that further escalation should be avoided and humanitarian disasters prevented.” Not only. According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, “Russia has expressed its willingness to hold dialogues with Ukraine and the United States and resume negotiations, which is welcomed by China. We hope the parties concerned will intensify their diplomatic efforts and push for a reduction and even a solution to the situation as soon as possible through political channels such as negotiations.” Only later will it be understood what this was Xi’s first step in his third term. German Chancellor Schulz will meet with him on November 4 in Beijing. We will also talk about Ukraine.

Certainly, without pressure from China, added to the mediation work that Erdogan has been doing for months, it is difficult to persuade Putin to accept negotiations that are not merely an acknowledgment of his wishes. So far, what does not stop is the war. Yesterday, the Kremlin announced that it had completed partial mobilization, which meant that it had forced 300,000 men to enlist. Of these, 82 thousand have already been sent to the front, while another 218 thousand reservists are undergoing training and may be sent to Ukraine to fight at a later time. We are in the waiting stage, because the Ukrainian army aims to retake Kherson, where a decisive battle is expected. 80,000 citizens have already been evacuated by the pro-Russian authorities. “Preparations are underway to defend Kherson,” said the commander of the Russian militia, Alexander Khodakovsky. We are taking out the civilian population and untangling us in this way.”

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According to the British Ministry of Defense, most of the Russian reservists were sent to the west of the Dnipro River. There are those who speak of “jihad” among those who, in this aggression against Ukraine, are fighting on the side of Putin, who also received the support of the Orthodox Christian Church in Moscow. In Kherson there are the men of the fierce Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, very loyal to the tsar, who wrote in Telegram: “23 soldiers were killed and 58 wounded. Of these, four were seriously wounded. Yes, there were great losses on our part overnight, but the Chechens are engaged in jihad And if their destiny is to fall into a holy war, then this is a great honor and joy for every true Muslim. We all dream of dying for the sake of God.” According to Ukrainian agencies, a Chechen unit revealed its position in the photos posted on social media. Thus, it was identified and hit by artillery fire.

black out
Russian bombing, including drones that Iran supplied to Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, have proven effective. Dtek announced that “unprecedented” electricity restrictions will be imposed in the Kyiv region in the next few days: “More dangerous and longer blackouts will be implemented.” According to the mayor of Melitopol, the Russians “deported 300 Ukrainian children” to the Zaporizhzhya region: “They took them away under the pretext of vacation.”

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