Andora, Palazzo Tagliaferro for the eighth year in a row External site of the Genoa Science Festival –

Andora, Palazzo Tagliaferro for the eighth year in a row External site of the Genoa Science Festival –

The twentieth session of the Genoa Science Festival, one of the largest events for the dissemination of international scientific culture, kicked off at the Luciano d’Abroi Museum of Minerals.

For the eighth year in a row, Palazzo Tagliaferro with its Mineral Museum is the outdoor site of the event, confirming the prestigious recognition as a reference point for scientific publication, as a result of the extensive promotion program that has been activated in recent years, expressed through purposeful educational paths in schools, art galleries with Contents related to the themes of Nature and Earth, congresses and congresses able to engage the curious, enthusiasts, students, artists and authors thanks to the collaboration with DISTAV of the University of Genoa.

The Andorran Cultural Center, to allow the greatest number of students and enthusiasts to enjoy the various proposals, made extraordinary openings every day from 15 to 19, with the possibility of guided visits to the heritage on display, and scheduled workshops, in which schoolchildren will be able to participate free of charge, who will investigate On the topic of language and its deepening, and the keyword for the 2022 edition, related to minerals and specifically the methods of attributing the naming to minerals in addition to its use in support of the visual language.

Here is the program summary:

Workshop entitled “Visual Language and Minerals in Antiquity” targeting primary schools: first, second and third grades. Available in attendance at Andora at Palazzo Tagliaferro upon reservation

Workshop: “How do you name a metal?” , targeting primary schools: fourth and fifth grades, and middle schools. Available in attendance at Palazzo Tagliaferro upon reservation

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Guided mineral heritage tour

On the occasion of the planned initiatives for the Science Festival 2022, to celebrate the International Year of Mineralogy, the Luciano Dabroi Museum in Palazzo Tagliaferro, thanks to a multi-year collaboration with DISTAV (Department of Earth, Environment and Life Sciences) of the University of Genoa, a calendar of guided tours is available free of charge to students.

The “Luciano Dabroi” Mineral Museum is located on the first floor of Palazzo Tagliaferro, the cultural heart of the municipality of Andorra.

The mineral collections in the 5 rooms of the museum are two: the collection of Luciano Dabroi, an Andorran native to whom the museum is dedicated and the collection of Harmen Schipper, a Dutch chemist with a passion for minerals, consisting of specimens that come mainly from Northern Europe. The Luciano Dabroi collection consists of international specimens of great value: gypsum (especially in the “desert rose” group) from North Africa, azurite of the same origin, malachite from South Africa, quartz and fluorite from all over the world. However, perhaps the most interesting scientific and museum specimens in the collection are the local specimens found in Liguria.

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