And the accusation of Whatsapp: “The microphone is even at night.” Musk attacks Zuckerberg: ‘We can’t trust him’

WhatsApp Turn on the phone’s microphone without our consent? Is he doing it to spy on us or is it a glitch or glitch of a technical nature? The alarm was raised by an engineer from Twitter which he also worked in the past Google. Fouad Dabiri showed in a tweet how he owns the instant messaging app half He turned on his smartphone’s microphone several times during the night, at which time the engineer explained he was asleep and did nothing to activate this function. Worried, he wrote, “What’s going on?”

Comment Elon Musk

This phenomenon is related to him Pixel 7 Probut the story was immediately highlighted by a single-digit retweet on Twitter Elon Muska proponent of rival app Signal, further stirred concern, saying categorically that “Whatsapp cannot be trusted”.

Whatsapp response

WhatsApp itself immediately responded to the spying suggestion. Through your Twitter accountIn an attempt to reassure users and provide more information about the possible causes of the phenomenon: «We contacted Dabiri – Platform permission – We think there is a bug in the base android related to the privacy dashboard. Then we asked a Google Check the problem and try to fix it.” Added to this message is a clarification that Whatsapp “never intended to spy on anyone, because users have always had complete control over their phones. Thus, the harmonic use of the microphone is limited to voice calls and messages.” Despite the comment, media coverage remains high, with old suspicions and other cases emerging over the years. It is no coincidence that many have been abandoned in the past. WhatsApp Specifically for doubts about protecting the privacy of those who use it.

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It’s not the first time

Already in 2019, the messaging app had to solve a vulnerability that would have apparently allowed cybercriminals to send spyware to the target device through code capable of activating malicious functions. It was, according to him TechcrunchAnd A bug with Whatsapp voice calls, then resolved within ten days, according to the company’s top management. It is not possible during this period to find out how many hackers have been able to take advantage of it. The creation of the spyware has been traced back to the Israeli group Nso groupwhich apparently sold these tools to government agencies.

Someone is referring to it Dabiri And musk It may have every interest in affecting the reputation of a competing app, should the phenomenon even be traced back to a problem Google. It is no coincidence that the owner of Tesla (and Twitter) is considering bringing voice and video calls to the chirping social network.

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