Anatolij Chubais resigns, he was Yeltsin’s deputy prime minister –

Anatolij Chubais resigns, he was Yeltsin’s deputy prime minister –

The first cracks in Putin’s entourage after the invasion of Ukraine. Chubais is the highest rank among those who broke with the tsar: he has already left Russia

The most prominent person to have taken a stand against the special military operation in Ukraine, as defined by the Kremlin. Anatolij Chubais, the ex-dolphin of ex-president Boris YeltsinHe, the father of major privatizations in the 1990s, decided to leave his position as a representative of Vladimir Putin. Based on Leave Russia so you don’t come backAt least, according to what was reported by a source close to him. After many prestigious positions, Chubais was the President’s special representative to international organizations.

A task that must be under it To repair relations between the Kremlin and most of the countries in these bodies. His resignation at the moment looks sensational and could pave the way for other notable splits in Putin’s camp. Certainly not among the so-called silovici.e. men belonging to specific ministries of power, i.e. Defense, Interior and Secret Services. Perhaps instead among what remains of the camp of liberals and reformists who supported Putin at the start of his first presidential term, at the beginning of the new century.

Chubais was deputy prime minister And the head of the presidential administration with Boris Yeltsin. In light of the 1996 elections in which it seemed that the Communists were on the verge of reviving and winning the presidential election, Chubais founded A plan to win the support of the oligarchsThat is, to secure Yeltsin’s re-election. In return, the state had to sell some of its most important companies at a selling price. What the Kremlin critics called horn theft. With Putin Chubais, he took the helm of Rao Ues of the National Electricity Grid and then of Rusnano, a body for nanotechnologies. Finally, the position of Putin’s representative.

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