An Italian manager arrested in Moscow flees to Abu Dhabi. Yellow from drugs

An Italian manager arrested in Moscow flees to Abu Dhabi.  Yellow from drugs

The Russian police arrested him, on charges of possessing a psychoactive substance with effects similar to cocaine (mephedrone), arrested him, then released him on probation, and he managed to leave He flies and access Abu Dhabi, security. He did everything himself, underestimating the Russian controls. Today he will return to Italy.

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Here it is, in a nutshell, the ugly and wonderful adventure he had John Dimasa61 years old, originally from Sulmona, manager and engineer, deep experience in the energy sector that led him to travel all over the world, Russia Including (in his Facebook profile there are photos taken in Moscow and messages also written in Cyrillic). But he managed to get to Abu Dhabi, where he usually lives, because there is an office of the company for which he works, ISS International, in Rome, also confirmed by a phone call from a journalist, who called Di Massa in his office. Abu Dhabi residency. “Sorry, I’d rather not talk now,” he limited himself to reply.

It takes place on the night between Monday and Tuesday, in one He flies still shaking. On Saturday, the armored column of the Wagner mercenary company, which had rebelled against Putin and had already occupied the city of Rostov, was heading towards the capital and stopped only two hundred kilometers away. Despite the agreement with Prigozhin, Moscow remains under siege, Red Square is closed, and checkpoints in the city are frequent and exhaustive. An Italian manager’s taxi stopped. Customers ask him to come down. They search him and arrest him. When it comes to Russia, it is always difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. And local media say: The Italian manager was in possession of mephedrone, a psychoactive substance with effects similar to cocaine. It will be a bag containing – according to the version released by the Telegram channel Baza (close to the Russian security forces) – 1.15 grams of white powder. TRUE? bloomer? trap? The truth is elusive in Moscow and even more so these days. The Russian media is talking about a “company car”, not a taxi. But from Rome, Giuseppe Bellantoni, President and Managing Director of ISS International, explained: “Di Massa is one of our employees but he was in Moscow on vacation, not on business. He was enjoying his vacation period and hence, he was there for business but for personal reasons. The company that I represent in the first place expresses its surprise and disbelief at the news, considering that the engineer de Massa has always appeared as an obedient, attentive, hard worker ».

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Basketball player

At first, the company was unable to contact Di Massa, who was released, but on probation. Farnesina moves from Rome, despite all the difficulties of the historical period, which closely follows the story in collaboration with the Consulate General in Moscow. The precedents are dramatic: Russian penalties against those accused of drug use, especially if they are Westerners, are severe, one thinks of the precedent of American basketball player Brittney Grenier, who was banned at a Moscow airport because she had cannabis oil. But Di Massa is not inexperienced, he clearly knows his way around the capital. This is the development of late yesterday afternoon. From Iss International they named it: Di Massa made it to Abu Dhabi. Even the family, who live in Abruzzo, feel more relaxed, knowing that today he will return to Italy.

how did he do It is a mystery that must be cleared up. De Massa may have succeeded in proving the unfoundedness of the accusations, and may have been able to avoid the obviously ineffectual inspections of the local authorities. But who is Giovanni de Massa? Originally from Sulmona, he graduated in Nuclear Engineering from La Sapienza University in Rome in 1987. On Linkedin, he explains: “I have been Director of the Middle East region at ISS International since June 2022; From 2018 to 2020 she worked for the Chinese Energy Infrastructure Corporation CPECC in the Amur Region, Russia; From 2014 to 2018 I was a project manager for Technip, a French company specializing in engineering for the oil industry »

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