June 9, 2023

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Alien research, science now has a new strategy to “attract outer space” and make it understandable

Everything is ready for a new message addressed to “extraterrestrial beings”, almost half a century after the message was first sent. It was actually in 1974, 48 years ago, when a message was sent to space from our planet, and today, almost five decades after this event, as TgCom24.it recalls, the information had to be updated, in the hope that it could It accesses extraterrestrial life forms that are intelligent enough to be able to understand them, and thus communicate with Earth.

Terra Et letter, 2/4/2022 – Computermagazine.it

The unusual new message was developed by scientists from an international research group led by Jonathan Jiang, of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, The US space agency, and the study was later published on the arXiv platform. The message will be sent into space through two telescopes Which will therefore replace Arecibo, the tool that sent the first message to ET, which is now destroyed.

Terra Et letter, 2/4/2022 – Computermagazine.it

They sent a second message from Earth to ‘ET’ in the hope that they could reply

This details the Allen Telescope Array in California, which was created thanks to a collaboration between Seti (the scientific organization dedicated to researching intelligent extraterrestrial life) and the University of Berkeley, and the five hundred-meter aperture spherical radio telescope in China, operated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and which collaborates with Seti. But what is written in detail in this letter? You will undoubtedly be wondering, the answer is not so simple. Inside is our number system in reality, but there are also basic mathematical concepts, and thus the interpretation of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtime. Moreover, there is information about the date on which the message was sent from Earth, but also the structure and chemistry of DNA, among other things, set at 100% in the past few days, as well as life as we know it. In short, “text message” in it We let any alien societies know who we are, who we are, and what some of the systems are upon which our civilization is based.

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Will it reach its destination? Obviously the hope is that someone can intercept this message and reply to us, something that has never happened in the past 48 years since the first contact was launched. In the last pages of the letter, we finally find two as well stylized drawings of a man and a woman, In addition to a map of the surface of our planet, a diagram of the solar system in which we live and its coordinates. Finally, what should not be underestimated, The radio frequencies to be used for response For the same “call”. At this point, we just have to wait for the answer…