Alicia Marcozzi, after her marriage ends, consoles herself with him: “But how far can I love you?”

Alicia Marcozzi, after her marriage ends, consoles herself with him: “But how far can I love you?”

Alicia Marcozzi, the beautiful broadcaster after the end of her marriage, consoles herself with him. “But how much can I love you?”

A strong and brave woman, as well as a thousand resources. This is how we describe the divine, and for good reason Alicia Marcozzi. For many years we have seen her as one of my hosts Pioneer of Mediaset Networks. He hosted many programs even in prime times, including reality programs Which, as we know, is very popular on TV.

slowly I left the place This is what broke the hearts of his many fans into thousands of pieces in a short time, especially the hearts of his fans in the first hour. in the end I left Biscione and landed in Al-Ray. And here he hosts the show, fresh and real, Very prosperousin which he also worked As an author.

It’s on the air now, in prime time Tuesday evening on Rai 2, the second season. And at the same time it continues Her work as an entrepreneur In the beauty and accessories sector, as well Excellent and influential blogger. It was very good, as many on social media point out, a Find many Plan Bs at the business level.

Alicia Marcozzi, after the end of her marriage, consoles herself with him

In recent months we’ve seen her as the podcast’s first welcomed guest Amateur momdesigned and managed by the wonderful The beloved LiottaWhere the sports journalist met mothers and fathers who talked about their experiences as parents. Alicia has two children. Let’s talk about ThomasWho became young and beautiful as a result of his past love Simone InzaghiAnd also the little one for me.

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The girl’s last name is Fackinity In fact like my father he has legendary DJ Francesco. Alicia has managed to maintain excellent relationships with the fathers of her children, as well as with Her ex-husband is Paolo Calabresi To whom the marriage recently ended. Now she is comfortable with him. “But how much can I love you?”So cute and crazy in love, she writes on social media.

Alessia Marcozzi

“But how much I can love you,” his sweet dedication on social media

The lucky one is His enormous and beautiful furry love. A little dog loves her madly and devotes herself to cuddling her on the bed, between the soft and luxurious pillows, with her owner. Alicia She has light makeup, loose hair, and happy, bright eyes. In the video that she shared on her official Instagram account, which has a large following All the immense affection that binds them shines through.

Her fans went crazy seeing her in this version and other friends and colleagues also expressed their immense sympathy towards her dog And it’s really delicious. Among the many beating red hearts, we find the wonderful ones Giovanna Civitellofrom the chameleon Jane Alexander And amazing Francisco Arca.

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