Airlines say Catalonia will lose 1 million tourists

The employer of European airlines has accused against Brussels' proposal Imposing a tax on the aviation sector for the first time with a kerosene tax. They warn against it Ticket prices may rise by 6%And they can Loss of nearly a million tourists foreigners annually 2033.

Montserrat BarrigaThe Director General of the European Regional Airlines Association expects the disappearance of airlines that will see their profit margins decline, which will leave users with little to offer.

“There will be a significant decline and the margins of these companies will be absorbed. We believe that it could have a clear impact and make the airlines disappear and therefore the passenger and the consumer will have less ability to choose between different options.”

The aviation sector says it is committed to decarbonisation and the gradual integration of alternative fuels, the so-called SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), and confirms that Javier Gandara, President of the Airlines Association (ALA). But they are asking for help from departments to finance it.

“What we are asking is to encourage SAF production in Catalonia, Spain and Europe and, on the other hand, avoid taxes, which we have shown in addition to having a very large impact, will not help in the decarbonisation roadmap.”

Deloitte's report to ALA indicated that the implementation of the tax will impact the sector with Loss of 11 million international tourists across the state. This means a 1.6% drop in GDP – €23 billion – and 430,000 jobs in 2030, according to the report.Flying towards a sustainable future“.

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The debate on implementing the new rate will be discussed in two sessions scheduled in April and a decision could be made in June.

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