Air strikes, the clash with Tehran, and the American reinforcement: what happened today between Israel and Hamas

Air strikes, the clash with Tehran, and the American reinforcement: what happened today between Israel and Hamas

“It hasn’t happened yet”Tenth time“From the ground operation and Israel continued to target it Air attacks Hamas goals a Gaza And the main one Airports Syrians. Iran once again threatened the Jewish state, indicating the possibility of opening other fronts, while the United States prepared for escalation by strengthening its presence in Syria. The Middle East.

Operations continue in Gaza and the Syrian situation is escalating

Israel continued its campaign unabated Explosions In the Gaza Strip, the deputy commander of Hamas artillery was also eliminated Muhammad Qatmish This is according to what was reported by Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari.played an important role in Programming And in to implement Shooting towards IsraelAir Force planes also struck Tel Aviv Syria. Local media said a series of He hits They hit airports Damascus And Aleppo. The Syrian press confirmed that the two airports were disabled and that at least one person was killed in the bombing a employee.

On the Gaza front, several air strikes were recorded on the Strip The northern area. Moreover, Hamas terrorists were reported to have become tense Trap The ground forces of the Israeli army inside the Strip. The Palestinian organization reported that Al-Qassam Brigades They destroyed two bulldozers and a tank, but the Israeli army only reported gunfire against its forces on the border with the Gaza Strip.

A remote duel between Israel and Iran

On the diplomatic front, the distant conflict between… Tel Aviv And Tehran. Iranian Foreign Minister, Hussein Amir AbdullahianThe United States and Israel warned that the situation could get out of control. It was not long before the response came from the Jewish state and came from the Minister of Economy Nir Barakat: “Iran’s plan is to attack Israel On all fronts. If we realize that they want to attack Israel, not only on all our fronts, we will attack the head of the snake, Iran. We are ready to Sweep them away From the face of the earth“.

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The US Secretary of State also spoke about the escalation Anthony BlinkenWhich expressed Washington’s fear of the worsening of the ongoing war in the Middle East due to Iran and its allies agent In the region.

The United States is strengthening its presence

The United States is preparing for conflict Wider. According to the latest information, Washington has transferred other systems Air Defense In the eastern Mediterranean. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Announced that the deployment of battery of Thad For high-altitude air defense as well as another missile battalion Patriot.

Strengthening the US military apparatus in the Middle East is a response to continuity Assaults in American rules in Iraq. Since Wednesday, several facilities used by US forces have been targeted Five attacks Separate: Ain al-Assad, Al-Harir base in northern Iraq, and a camp near Baghdad airport. These offensive actions were announced Pro-Shiite militias With support from Iran.

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