Aerospace, Piedmont is aimed at US corporate investments

Aerospace, Piedmont is aimed at US corporate investments

Piedmont and the United States strengthen their industrial and economic ties. Looking at the opportunities offered by the region, there are active American companies in the aviation, health and student services sectors, but not only. Explain Dario Peroni, President of Ceipiemonte, Foreign Center for the Internationalization of the Region: “In the past 10 months alone, we have intercepted 30 US companies interested in learning about our ecosystem for a potential investment, and in about 20 of them we are providing accurate and personal assistance: this agreement will significantly speed up the settlement process.”

Piedmont Convention, the United States and Israel

Foreign Center for Internationalization (Ceppimonte) – An inland company in the Piedmont region, responsible for facilitating the internationalization of local businesses and attracting foreign investors to Piedmont – Margalit Startup City New York (my home)a regional economic development company that builds and operates international thematic innovation centers around the world, e Israeli Investment Fund Jerusalem Venture Partners (Jvp)on an agreement aimed at encouraging cooperation between Piedmontese and American companies.

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office in New York

Piedmont, New York will be a reference point and a privileged channel to encourage investment by US companies in the region. Communications between the two regions will be facilitated and areas of interest for cooperation, business promotion, and exchange of technologies and investments will be identified.

Companies will be given information and support to navigate through the bureaucracy and help them identify the best locations to focus on. In addition, assistance will be provided to US companies already operating in our region. Regional Consultant for Internationalization Fabrizio Rica confirms: “The opening of this reference point in the United States is of fundamental importance for Piedmont because it tells foreign entrepreneurs that our region is where they are looking to invest their money and create jobs.”

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