A meeting between science and creativity to stimulate the potential of the brain

A meeting between science and creativity to stimulate the potential of the brain

The appointment is Wednesday, August 30, for the “Plasticity Between Neuroscience and Art” event until September 3

The second edition of the “4A Summer School” will kick off on Wednesday, August 30, a unique event dedicated to the theme “Plasticity between Neuroscience and Art” which will be held in Pozzelli, at the IRCCS Neuromed Education Centre, until September 3.

The opening of the works, scheduled for 3.00 pm on Wednesday 30 August, will be entrusted to Prof. Diego Centonzi, Co-Director of the PSICOMED Postgraduate Specialization School in Analytical Psychotherapy from which the summer school was born in collaboration between IRCCS Neuromed and Uninettuno Telematics and the PhD course in Psychology Neurology, Tor Vergata University, Rome.

The main theme of the event will be neuroplasticity, a revolutionary concept in neuroscience that refers to the brain’s ability to change structurally and functionally in response to learning, experience and aging, or in response to injury and disease.

Through lectures and hands-on labs, participants will explore the critical role of neuroplasticity in brain development, learning, memory, and recovery from brain injury. Furthermore, the summer school will explore how art can act as a stimulator of brain dynamics, enriching professional training in various fields, and influencing clinical practices, psychotherapy and neurorehabilitation.

The Summer School is open to a wide range of participants, including doctoral students in neuroscience, neuroscience, psychiatry, and psychotherapy, graduate students in neuropsychology, and those who hold or are pursuing an associate degree in a related discipline.

“The summer school project fits perfectly with the objectives of the Psychomed Specialty School – says Professor Diego Centonzi, Head of the Neuromed Unit at NeuroMed and Director of Psychomed – and the challenge is to invent a new professional figure, who has the ability to understand the language of different disciplines, for the benefit of patients. It’s time to conquer “It breaks the traditional divisions between neurology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis, to facilitate an integrated and interdisciplinary dialogue. This vision lies at the heart of both the 4A Summer School and Psicomed’s mission: to train new professionals who are able to move across different disciplines, to improve patient care and treatment.”

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