A decisive weapon. London sends Stormer missile launchers to Ukraine

A decisive weapon.  London sends Stormer missile launchers to Ukraine

They allow you to fire missiles with high speed, accuracy and efficiency. For this, according to some arms experts, it could prove to be the best equipment provided to Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict. Turning Point Weapon. Sophisticated Stormer missile launcher It will be presented to the Kyiv army: to hand them over – according to reports from the Sun – will be United kingdom Written by Boris Johnson. These are armored vehicles weighing 13 tons each, high-tech monsters capable of installing powerful Starstreak missiles, which Kyiv has already begun to use to shoot down Russian planes and helicopters.

The above-mentioned missile launchers can be sent to Ukraine on a C-17 transport plane within a few days; It was learned from sources close to the Ministry of Defense in London, which in recent weeks has already demonstrated the capabilities of the storm to the Ukrainians on the Salisbury Plain, in Wiltshire. Also known as Stormer Hvm (High Speed ​​Missile), this British-made missile launcher is used in Air Defense short range. Exactly the area that would allow the Kyiv army to strengthen its defensive potential, in the face of Enemy raids From the sky.

The Stormers were developed on the basis of the British Forces Cvr

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