5G, Ex-Google CEO Criticizes US Government, Too Far From China

Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, has strongly criticized the US government for Not making enough efforts toward becoming a leading country in 5G, leaving plenty of room for China. The noble high-speed communications of the new generation should be considered a political, economic and technological advantage of paramount importance for Schmidt, and the United States lost its power not only against the Asian power but also against other countries of the world. In an article published in the Wall Street Journal and co-written with Harvard professor Graham Allison, Schmidt pushes the US government to invest in research and infrastructure to Preventing China from becoming the “owner” of the technological future.

“The advancement of 5G technology will lead to the growth of self-driving vehicles, virtual reality, applications such as the metaverse, and other areas that have not yet been invented,” Schmidt wrote. “This is an incredible amount of technological applications that can increase the efficiency of a country’s intelligence, enhance its military capabilities. The United States’ disappointing performance in the 5G race is a sign that it cannot keep pace with China on strategically important technologies.. China is already ahead of us in high-tech manufacturing, green energy, and many uses of artificial intelligence.”

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