4 people were arrested in Ruby, San Pere de Ribes, Martorell and Mérida

Mossos de Escodra and the Civil Guard They arrested at least four people In the coordinated process Against jihadist terrorism Which they carried out since 7:15 a.m. in the province of Barcelona and Mérida.

Agents conduct entries and searches at several homes Ruby, in Valles Occidental; to Saint-Pere-de-Ribesin Al-Gharaf, and Martorell(in Pécs Llobregat). Outside Catalonia, searches are also being conducted Meridain Extremadura, which is part of the same process.

The police confirmed that these four people were arrested for being “It is closely linked to organized crime“And because they came in recent months Signs of extremism Which was the motive behind the arrests.

The links of those investigated to organized crime, in matters such as arms trafficking or drug trafficking, meant that they had access to weapons, although It is unlikely that they are preparing for any terrorist act.

One of the homes searched, in Sant Pere de Ribes (ACN/Gemma Sànchez Bonel)

One of the arrests took place in Sant Pere de Ribes, another in Martorell, another in Can Brian prison, and the last in Mérida. As for the entrance to Ruby, it is Mossos They couldn't find the person What they were looking for

The process, which takes place in secret, is directed by a national court judge Joaquin GadeaThe detainees are expected to appear before them at the end of this week.

Mossos agents and the Guardia Civil in the Rocamar urban area of ​​San Pere de Ribes (ACN/Gemma Sànchez Bonel)

Agents from the Public Information Commissioner's Office are involved in the search TEDAX – In case of explosives – G.E.I – Special intervention group involved in high-risk procedures – Regional Operational Resource Area – Arrow–, the canine unit and the scientific unit.

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At the entrance made at Carrer Mònaco in Sant Pere de Ribes, the police entered the building Drawing the front door And without using any firearm.

The operation is carried out under confidentiality (ACN/Gemma Sànchez Bonel)

A team from Mossos traveled to Mérida, in Extremadura, to participate in the operation being carried out there in coordination with agents fromArmed Institute.

Mossos, in front of a house being searched in Mérida, in Extremadura (Mossos de Esquadra)

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