240,000 plastic particles in one liter of bottled water

240,000 plastic particles in one liter of bottled water

A study found that every liter of bottled water contains… Between 130,000 and 240,000 plastic particlesMost of them are nanoplastics. The study was published in Scientific journal “PNAS”.' It highlights the importance of being able to detect these particles smaller than microplastics, with nanoplastic particles measuring less than 1 micrometre in size. Scientists think so Nanoplastics are more toxic They are more dangerous to health because they are smaller in size and are more likely to enter the human body.

A new technique for calculating nanoplastics

Bye for now, Efficient techniques for calculating nanoplastics have not been developedBut this study created a system that allows, through optical images, to perform a very fast and accurate analysis. To prove this, the presence of micro- and nano-plastics in bottled water was analyzed, and between 130,000 and 240,000 of them were found per liter of water. 90% of them are nanoplastics. This, according to the study's authors, is much more than previously thought.

Microplastics and nanoplastics They come from wear and tear from the use of plastics And causing great concern around the world.

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