2022 is a record year for the US consumer technology industry

Milan, January 5 (askanews) – Consumer demand for technology is strong. Globally, but especially in China and the United States, the consumer technology sector is expected to record $ 505 billion in retail revenue this year. Steve Connick, vice president of research at CTA, the consumer technology association that organizes the exhibition, which is currently being staged in Las Vegas these days, explained these predictions at Ces 2022. In his speech entitled “Trends to Monitor”, Konick addressed some themes: “First of all, in the last season, after the advent of epidemics, the quality of technology required by consumers has grown. Simple and intelligent.” Defines premium experience with technology. Consumers do not want a casual experience, they want a better experience. “We are looking for premium experiences, sometimes ready to put our hand in the wallet. A trend that has been going on for a few years. It has grown this season”, is the third issue to look out for in services. Services like on-demand video streaming: Netflix had 214 million subscribers in December, Prime Video 175, but Disney Plus caught 118 million subscribers in just two years. But as a service, for Koenig, it’s not just about streaming video, but audio, gaming, fitness, food distribution. All the services that have attracted new consumers during epidemics, not only the consumer, but also the period that has become increasingly close with technology. According to CTA research, investors did the same by focusing on tech start-ups. Trends to focus on: transportation, electric vehicles and micro-mobility; Space technology, a new entry into the world of Ces, and Koenig defines sustainable technology as: food technology, the smart city and the smart home. Then digital healthcare, telemedicine and increasingly interconnected devices. A new field in the development of consumer technology is mental health, which deals with sleep problems, depression and depression. Here, too, new applications for meditation, memory counseling, and sleep monitoring applications are born. According to a CTA survey, 52 percent of Americans may seek greater well-being in the future using such services.

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