150 global specialists participate in an international course on breast cancer treatment

150 global specialists participate in an international course on breast cancer treatment

Today, Thursday and tomorrow, Bellvitge University Hospital (HUB) will host the 10th edition of its Breast Cancer Surgery Course, which will focus on less aggressive yet effective treatments. The professionals involved will discuss aspects such as the possibility of not performing surgery if chemotherapy is successful.

They explain from the Health Center that the development of precision and personalized medicine has shaped a new approach to breast cancer in which neoadjuvant therapies prior to chemotherapy and targeted therapies to reduce tumor dimensions are combined with increasingly precise surgery suited to the molecular characteristics of the tumor, its extent and patient characteristics.

More than 150 specialists will participate in the 10th edition of the course, which will include live broadcasts of seven surgical procedures addressing key conditions found in clinical practice, such as diagnosis and treatment of tumors; Evaluation of axillary radiological response after neoadjuvant therapy, nipple-sparing mastectomy with reconstruction or treatment of neuropathic pain.

Among the surgeries that will be performed, the first mastectomy using robotic surgery will be performed at Bellvitge Hospital. This method allows the breast to be extracted from the armpit, with a very good view, which is a therapeutic and aesthetic advantage.

Curative surgery is of particular importance when combined with neoadjuvant agents. “With the significant improvement in targeted therapies, with high rates of complete response, surgery is taking on the challenge of removing residual disease and establishing a prognosis for its progression,” Highlighting the same sources.

In the approach and treatment of breast cancer, the task of specialist nursing is fundamental, which will be updated and knowledge exchanged at the 10th Nursing and Breast Cancer Course, which is held today, Thursday, coinciding with the first day of the Surgery Course. As part of the Nursing Course, this year the first meeting of nurses from breast units will be held. Functionality throughout Catalonia.

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