March 23, 2023

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குயிரினாலே? America excites Matterella Pizza. The word of La Palombra

Yale Emeritus, a professor and well-known American political scientist, describes the race for Guerrero as America saw it on The best solution for Americans is to follow the orders of a Matterella Biz and Drake, Prime Minister Palazzo Chiki. And in Berlusconi …

Italian friends, including those in Washington, have been wondering if Italy could seize the extraordinary opportunity offered by the Guernsey elections. The question that often arises is whether the current president. Sergio Matterella, To be re-elected. Or changed, for example, by Mario Tracy Oh Silvio Berlusconi.

In Washington, as in other parts of Europe, it is clear that a successful president like Matterella should be rewarded a second time. These are undoubtedly the motives of the great electorate they have chosen Giorgio Napolitano Twice in a row. We can go back to the origins of the Republic to find other events.

There is no doubt that Mattarella’s second term will be good news for the country. First, his choice will not be controversial. The Italians who think of Mario Tragi for that role should know that in seven years Tragi will be even more deserving, and young enough to use a couple of words well in the quirine. After all, I have to thank Matterella for liking Tracy more than any other candidate for Palazzo Chiki.

Election of Silvio Berlusconi If this were not an Italian disaster, it would be considered a joke. Despite his efforts, Berlusconi will never be able to bring both Italy and the European Union to the leadership position they now need. Someone in Europe would imagine that Guerrero could hold evenings like he often occupied his residence in Sardinia.

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Sergio Materella has brought dignity to Guerrero, a path already well known. Giorgio Napolitano. It is even simpler to say that he followed in the footsteps of his predecessor. On the other hand, when Italy and Europe needed a leader with strength and determination, Napolitano would certainly have elected Troy as prime minister. Today we in Matarella cannot help but recognize this qualification.

Draghi has responded well to Italy’s economic and political needs. He will also be the presidential candidate at the end of Mattarella’s second term. As Prime Minister, he can give the EU the power it needs. A leader is very necessary now Angela Merkel Is ready to retire. Draghi’s contribution to the EU is undeniable. As Prime Minister he could have given it easier than the Guernsey Palace.

With Draghi firmly at the helm of politics, Italy has the opportunity to weigh in on Europe in a way it has not in the past. Let’s see if he can understand that.