NBA Trade Deadline: Rockets and Wizards Talk Swapping Messes On The Kitchen Floor

Sources told that the Rockets have indeed expressed an interest in Wizards forward Caron Butler and center Brendan Haywood. But for a Wizards-Rockets deal to go through, Washington would almost certainly try to hold out for at least one… Continue Reading

It Was Earth All Along

I don’t know if you heard, but over the Summer, the Houston Rockets essentially swapped Ron Artest for Trevor Ariza. The former is a bit of a wildcard, known for ill-advised 3s, elite perimeter defense, and something about snake eggs.… Continue Reading

Luis Scola Could Be Attached To An Iron Lung And Still Be Upset He Missed A Rebound

Luis Scola was able to play without the protective goggles one game ahead of schedule, with the gash on his right eyelid healing enough to play without the protection on his eyes. He scored 21 points, more than in the… Continue Reading

The McGrady Conundrum

Eventually, Adelman returned to the locker room and retreated with McGrady into an adjacent coach’s office. McGrady slammed the door behind him, a witness said, and that marked the start of a tense, sometimes loud exchange that could be heard… Continue Reading