Red Rock Fantasy Basketball Podcast ep. 522: Freak Off The Leash

File 28-05-2015 8 02 20 pm

In episode 522 of the Red Rock Fantasy Basketball Podcast, in association with Basketball Monster, and brought to you by Moneyball and ballizlyf247, Giannis Antetokounmpo is unfurling before our eyes. Intro music is a song by Sex Karate, called Gender Queer while… Continue Reading


15-Footer 2/29/2016: The one where Dan finds more Friends episodes


Kyrie Irving doesn’t like Cleveland, but he loves Friends. I love Friends too. It’s a Leap Day Bonus Edition of 15-Footer: More Friends Episodes (AND GIFS). Continue Reading


Lion Face, Lemon Face: Steph Curry is breaking basketball


Steph Curry is breaking the game as we know it, Sam Mitchell might somehow keep his job, and a recap of the rest of the weekend in the NBA. Continue Reading