Indiana Pacers G Evan Turner ran out of gas in his Ferrari

Ah, to be young and rich and not very good at basketball. This is the conundrum Indiana Pacers guard Evan Turner found himself in on Monday when he ran out of gas in his Ferrari. The video was posted to friend and former Ohio State Buckeye teammate PJ Hill’s Instagram feed on Monday, with Turner putting a tiny amount of gas into the tank via a portable can.

I have many questions.

  • First, if ol’ ET is indeed in Ohio as his personal IG feed from the last few days appears to suggest, I wonder if he was in Youngstown where apparently it is illegal to run out of gas.
  • Why stop at the split of this freeway? Seems unsafe. Mostly because people driving on freeways are not used to seeing professional basketball players in cars that cost more than their homes just hanging out in the middle of them.
  • Why drive a California when you can afford the 458?

Maybe in Turner’s next contract they will incentivize him with a Shell card.

Dane Carbaugh

Video host of Baseline Rewind.