This Weekend in the NBA Playoffs: Dame Lillard, Destroyer of Dreams

In the words of the great J.E. Skeets, gooooooood morning, sweeeeeeet world!

There was A TON that happened this weekend in the NBA Playoffs, so let’s get into it.

(Of course, because there was so much going on, this is not a complete recap of everything that happened, rather an extensive collection of some of the better moments.)


Toronto Raptors vs. Brooklyn Nets: Game 6

First off, wooooooooooooooo. \o/


Also, remember how the Nets’ Twitter dot com account was salty about the Raptors having a better crowd? Well the salt hadn’t evaporated by Friday, because they sent out this tweet. Like what does that even mean?


I don’t know if Drake knew if he was in Brooklyn or not, but he was chilling in the front row in a sick OVO letterman jacket.


Okay, there was actually a game that happened. I promise.


GIF: DeMar DeRozan throwing it down in Brooklyn on Twitpic


(h/t @cjzero)

This one wasn’t really much of a game. Deron Williams put on a show, dropping 23/5/4, and the Nets won by fourteen, which makes the game seem closer than it in fact was.


Kyle Lowry couldn’t believe the Raptors lost (or that he got called for this foul).

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(h/t The Brooklyn Game for the video and .gif)


San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks: Game 6

Just vintage Duncan.

Hahahahahahahahahahah. Do you Vince, do you.

(h/t @cjzero)


In the end, the Mavs pulled out the win, thanks to Mr. Have It All



It didn’t even matter that the Spurs had six guys on the court for their last possession.


Portland Trail Blazers vs. Houston Rockets: Game 6

I don’t know, there were probably some other things that happened in this game, but I don’t remember any of them. And really they don’t matter, because Dame Lillard.


GIF: Lillard on Twitpic

(h/t @JDonSports)

Aye, Soulja Boy, Tell ‘Em.




Indiana Pacers vs. Atlanta Hawks: Game 7

Aww yeahh, #flex on em.

GIF: Pacers fan NAILS the Lance Stephenson celebratory flex on Twitpic

(h/t @BenGolliver)

Go ahead, Fancy Lance, prance on em, dance on em. Put em in a trance; they got no chance.

(h/t The Blog Mamba)


The Hawks did their best, but the Pacers sent them packing in Game 7. Atlanta kept coming at them, but every time Indiana pushed them away.

Here, in video format, is essentially a summation of the game. Sorry, Jeff. Playoff Teague will have to wait till next year.


Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Memphis Grizzlies: Game 7

Nothing like a good bench three-point celebration.

GIF: Memphis bench celebrates a three (req @BelacTieAffair) on Twitpic

(h/t @cjzero)

I feel you, Memphis. I do the same thing when I send a good tweet.


For a while it looked like Memphis’ small ball lineup was going to work, but then reality set in. Oh yeah, this is why they had to use a small ball lineup. Classic Steven Adams, antagonizing important players on the other team.

Anyways, so they were without Zach Randolph, and eventually the Thunder just overwhelmed them.

WOOOOOOO, RUSS! Now this is exactly why you should #LetWestbrookBeWestbrook.

GIF: Thunder's Russell Westbrook blocks Grizzlies' ... on Twitpic

(h/t @Ben Golliver)

And then Durant started hitting shots like this, and it was all over. Better luck next year, Memphis.

(h/t The Blog Mamba)


Los Angeles Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors: Game 7

This game was nuts.


Clippers gonna Clip. This is just ridiculous.


IN YO FACEEEEEE. – DeAndre Jordan, to David Lee

GIF: DeAndre Jordan slams a lob in David Lee's face on Twitpic

(h/t @cjzero)

Umm… okay, Blake. I don’t even know what’s going on here, or how it’s even possible, but I’m very down with it.

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(h/t @SBNation)

After everything the Clippers had to deal with, Doc Rivers was understandably emotional after they pulled out the win in Game 7.

GIF: Clippers coach Doc Rivers celebrates Game 7 win over War... on Twitpic

(h/t @BenGolliver)


Toronto Raptors vs. Brooklyn Nets: Game 7

You already know Drake was in the house.


What you probably didn’t already know, though, was that Mike Tirico has #BARS.

(h/t @BenGolliver)


And what I’m certain you, or anyone else, really, didn’t know, was that Marcus Thornton was going to take over the first half.

(h/t The Brooklyn Game)


Down nine late in the fourth quarter, the Raptors battled back, but there was the old man, Paul Pierce, standing strong once again. Fifteen years in the league and still making big time plays in the playoffs.

(h/t @cjzero)


As it does on occasion, The Truth hurts. Sorry, Drake. Sorry, Toronto.


Awwwwwwww. #KLOE AND #KLSOE (Kyle Lowry’s son over everything.)


San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks: Game 7

I can’t remember who it was, but someone tweeted something to the effect that even the first round was tired of the first round by this game. And it was very true.

Dallas did more than anyone–even Mavericks fans–expected, but the Spurs showed they were a class above on Sunday. There was never a doubt in this one.

Look at Manu still out here flourishing.

And here’s Vince looking like a weirdo while defending Duncan.

And here we have classic Pop, ignoring Parker coming out of the game, despite the Spurs being up huge.


Alright, the first round was tired of the first round, and you’re probably tired of this post, so that’s enough. I’ll leave you with this.

Poor Dirk. 🙁


Jack Maloney