Two-Day NBA Playoffs Warning: Ranking the Western Conference Playoff Teams by Shirseys

The NBA Playoffs start in two days (!!!!!!!!) so each day until then we’ll be taking a look at some of the most important storylines leading up to the best two months of the year.

Yesterday, we took a look at the shirseys of all the Eastern Conference playoff teams. Today we’ll examine those of the Western Conference. After examining the various shirseys, there can be no doubt that the West’s superiority extends to the team shops as well.

8. Oklahoma City Thunder



There’s nothing wrong with the Thunder’s efforts here, but I’m certainly not impressed. The “Thunder” nickname doesn’t lend itself to any good logos, which handicapped them a bit here. If you’re looking to purchase a Thunder shirsey, you’ve got three options. First is a lighter blue shirt with “Thunder Basketball” and a mini logo on the front. These are by far the worst of the three, because as we discussed yesterday with the Pacers, that’s too much. Really no need to throw “Basketball” underneath the mini logo. It would have looked just fine without it. The other two options are the same light blue colored shirt with “Oklahoma City” and a number on the front and a dark blue shirt with “Thunder” running vertically down the side and a number in the top corner on the front. Solid shirts, just nothing that stands out.


7. Portland Trail Blazers



Again, this really isn’t an indictment on the Blazers, rather an example of how the West is incredibly deep when it comes to shirseys. The main look is the black shirt with “Portland” and a number in white block lettering, with a red outline. There’s also a black shirt with the Blazers logo on the front that looks pretty cool. Good options to be sure, but I can’t help but think they could have done better. Red, black and white is a great color scheme and the Blazers logo is sick as well. Throw in a Rip City option, and the Blazers had the potential to be a top two or three shirsey in the league. Too bad.


6. Houston Rockets



We get a bunch of different looks here from Houston, starting off with the simple “Rockets” with a number underneath on the front look. You can get this option in red with white writing, white with red writing, and black with white writing (???). Those are the main looks, but they also offer some alternatives, including a shirt with the big “R” logo on the front and one with “Houston” and a number (in yellow) on the front. Nothing spectacular from the Rockets, but a number of really solid choices. The white shirts with red writing in particular look very nice.


5. Dallas Mavericks



Only two options for Mavericks shirseys, but boy are they sharp. The front design is the same—“Dallas” in that classic tilted block lettering with a number underneath, offset to the right. There’s a white shirt with “Dallas” in dark blue and the number in light blue, and there’s a light blue shirt with “Dallas” in dark blue and the number in gray. No fooling around here with alternate designs or throwing too much on the front of the shirt. This is just a simple, classic shirt that looks great.


4. Memphis Grizzlies



We get some very nice looks here from Memphis, with a good variety of colors and front designs. The shirts come in either white, various shades of navy blue or baby blue—all nice choices. As for the designs on the front, you can either go with “Memphis” or “Grizzlies in an arc across the chest with a number underneath or a big Grizzlies logo. You can’t go wrong with whatever decision you make, because they’re all fantastic. Excellent work here.


3. San Antonio Spurs



Much like the Bulls—whose shirseys we looked at yesterday—the Spurs have stuck with a classic, simple design for years because it looks so sharp. The white shirt with “Spurs” across the chest and a number underneath in black is one of the best shirseys around. The actual spur that the team uses for the “u” in the logo really looks superb on these shirts. If a white shirt isn’t your style, you can go with the same look in black with white lettering as well. Alternatively they have some “Los Spurs” options and a gray shirt with an oversized “spur u” on the front. These last two are a wack, and I’d suggest sticking to that original white shirt. A Duncan or Ginobili shirsey in that black on white look will go down in history as one of the best ever.


2. Los Angeles Clippers



Now here are some nice shirseys. Following the time-tested pattern of staying simple with the front design, the Clippers check in at number two on the list. One option features “Los Angeles” in script writing diagonally across the chest with a number offset to the right, while another option follows the same design but replaces “Clippers” as the writing. The cursive font going diagonally is a nice touch that makes these shirts stand out. The colorways are very solid too, with blue, red or white shirts available. But that’s not where the fun ends with Clippers shirseys. Going off of the team’s controversial sleeved jerseys, they designed shirseys in the same style, with “Los Angeles” and a number on the front—in white and red, respectively—of baby blue shirt. There’s no wonder why these are sold out in the team’s shop right now.


1. Golden State Warriors



Golden State is in the building, swagger on a hundred, thousand trillion. These are the GOAT, the pinnacle of shirsey achievement. The Warriors have rocked with the same design on their shirseys for years because the look can never be topped. Royal blue shirt, old school Warriors logo on the front in yellow. If you don’t have one of these, I’d advise you to pick one up immediately and bask in the jealousy of everyone who sees you rocking with greatness. Only shirseys we acknowledge are Warriors.