Chris Copeland Hits Game-Winner (Video)

The Indiana Pacers rolled out their “B” team last night, with all five of their starters given a night off by head coach Frank Vogel. Against most teams, this would have put the Pacers at a distinct disadvantage, but the Milwaukee Bucks are not most teams. They put out a “B” team most every night, but not because they’re resting their starters, rather they just don’t have too many good players.

Tied at 102 in the final seconds, the Pacers had possession and a chance to pick up a huge victory in regards to the one seed in the East. The inbounds went to Chris Copeland (Remember him? Yeah, apparently he’s still alive. I didn’t know either until last night.), who drove to his right and hit a little floater with just over a second remaining, giving the Pacers the 104-102 victory.


(h/t @BeyondTheBuzzer)