Rondo on the Mic: A Poem

The Celtics were away, off visiting Chicago,

So the broadcasting reigns were handed to Rondo.


Along with Mike Gorman, he stayed for a half,

Smiling, and chatting, even having a laugh


When the Bulls mascot, Benny, pulled off quite a gag,

Dropping popcorn on Rondo from a gigantic bag.


Awkward at times, not knowing when to staht,

Rondo still showed us that he’s wicked smaht.


He broke down some plays that the Celtics would run,

It was, unsurprisingly, all kinds of fun.


I wish he could do this every night for the Cs,

Would be down to clone him, surely everyone agrees?


The Celtics in the end, did fall by fourteen,

Getting just nine points, from ole Jeffrey Green.


Who’s so up and down it’s become quite annoying,

With our hearts and minds, it seems he is toying.


Twenty-three and fifty-one, their record now stands,

The team, we all know, needs a few helping hands.


Which will come through the draft, on a late night in June,

Bringing all to their feet to sing a new tune.


Of a white banner hanging up high on a rafter,

Number eighteen thanks to Jabari Parker.