Knicks Lose, Prigioni Out; Smith To Possibly Join Brother in New York

The New York Knicks did what the New York Knicks do best on Monday night – lose a game in hilariously pathetic fashion that can only be thought of as theatre. A Bradley Beal layup gave the Washington Wizards a 102-101 lead with 6.9 seconds left on the clock. But not to worry – the Knicks had three timeouts remaining. Just in case they couldn’t get a good shot off in time or find an open man, they would burn one, right? Wrong. Instead of pushing the ball up the floor and either attacking the basket, finding an open man or calling a timeout, Carmelo Anthony recieved the ball on an inbounds pass, took his time dribbling up the court and hoisted up an errant shot at the buzzer that never had a chance of going through the hoop.

Not only did the Knicks lose the game, but their starting point guard as well. Pablo Prigioni suffered a hairline fracture of his right great toe and will be out at least two weeks, the Knicks announced via Twitter.

With Prigioni and Raymond Felton both now sidelined with injuries, there is speculation that the Knicks will call-up Chris Smith from the Erie BayHawks of the Developmental League for guard help. Smith is the younger brother of J.R. Smith and was demoted to the D-League on November 18. On Saturday, Smith dropped a career high 28 points in the BayHawks’ loss to the Canton Charge. The 26-year-old is averaging 11.3 points, 4.5 rebounds and 3.7 assists through 6 games in the D-League.

Following New York’s loss, Woodson responded about the speculation of Smith rejoining the squad:

“That’s a possibility,” he said.

If there is a silver lining at all for the Knicks after this embarrassing game, it’s that J.R. Smith broke out of his funk. The struggling guard dropped 18 points and hit 5 three-pointers, both surpassing the totals of his last three games combined. He looks to be back on track. Oh, at least until his brother gets called-up and the two go out clubbing together to celebrate. Hey, maybe Rihanna can even join.


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  • Drafted Clyed & Dollar Bill

    Why is calling up Chris (I don’t belong in the NBA) Smith even part of the equation??? He didn’t play well enough to get meaningful minutes in the Summer league and know he’s being considered to re-join the team to make them more of a joke than they already are. Why not give Toure Murry some meaningful playing time so that we can determine if he might be a long term answer. Obviously unlike Smith he has real talent. People are talking about the ridiculous possibility of the Boston Celtics trading Rondo to the Knicks, why would they do that. It doesn’t make sense for an organization as well managed as the Celtics to trade a piece to one of their greatest rivals that could possibly push that rival into the real of champion. I have been a Knick fan for all of my life and at this point I am much to old to begin to think of rooting for some other organization so my prayer is that the organization that I grew up idolizing will get it together before my time here is up. I pray that the team would be acquired by a company similar to Gulf & Western that will leave running the team to individuals with knowledge of the game and could possibly find a basketball mind on the level of a Red Holzman to run the team. I hope for this as a championship starved native New Yorker.

    • Matthew Hochberg

      You raise some fair points. With Prigioni and Felton both out, I do expect Murry to get some minutes to show what he has to offer. Also, With STAT and Kenyon Martin both sidelined, while Chandler is still questionable, I wouldn’t mind seeing Woodson allowing Aldrich to get some minutes.

      • Drafted Clyde & Dollar Bill

        I agree Aldrich should be receiving more time, if your not going to play him when there is a desperate need then why keep him. I am truly disappointed in the job that Woodson has done with the team this year and there is absolutely no excuse for what took place last night. I see it is now official they have called Smith’s brother which further demonstrates the ineptitude of the management for the New York Knicks.