Pass of the Night: Tyreke Evans to Anthony Davis (Video)

Last night, the “late” game featured the Golden State Warriors heading down South to take on the New Orleans Pelicans. It started at just 8:00 ET, but it was one of those weird nights where there were no West coast games. A lot of people were watching this game the whole way through, but by the time the 4th quarter rolled around, there was no other action going on, so everyone’s eyes were glued to this match-up.

And it didn’t disappoint. Down big early on, the Pelicans battled back in the 3rd quarter, and from then on it was anyone’s game. Down three with under a minute to go, an Anthony Davis put-back dunk brought the Pelicans to within one. Then, after getting a stop on the other end, they had the ball with a chance to win it. Unfortunately for the home crowd, an Eric Gordon three-ball rimmed out at the buzzer, and the Warriors held on for a 102-101 win.

It was an exciting game all around, made even more so by this pass and dunk combination late in the 4th quarter.

With only a few minutes left to go in the final period, Tyreke Evans controlled the ball on the left wing for the Pelicans. Eventually, Anthony Davis came up to set a screen, which Evans half-heartedly used, taking a few casual dribbles to his left. But then, he spotted Davis rolling to the basket and threaded a bounce pass through traffic that hit Davis in stride for a jam.


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