ICYMI: Suggested Basketball Reading From Across the Web

Except for a few moments in the early afternoon match-up between the Portland Trail Blazers and Toronto Raptors, yesterday was a very forgettable date on the NBA calendar. There were only two other games on the schedule, and neither were particularly close contests. Tonight we get six games, including a couple fun ones, such as the Trail Blazers vs. the Nets and the Grizzlies vs. the Clippers. As for us here at Saving the Skyhook, we’re back again with some words we think you should read. So check out today’s suggested basketball readings from across the web.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish: Another Weekly Roundtable: By the Hickory High Staff: (@hickoryhigh

It looks like the guys over at Hickory High are going to be turning their weekly roundtables into a season long thing, which is pretty cool. If you haven’t been reading them in the past few weeks, I suggest you also go check out the previous editions. In this week’s discussion, the crew touched on a wide range of topics, from who is more likely to finish under .500 between the Nets and Grizzlies, to how many wins the Suns would need for Jeff Hornacek to win Coach of the Year.

Washington Wizards might be down, but they’re not out: By Ben Mehic (@BenAgent0)

The Washington Wizards generated a lot of buzz this offseason, and many predicted that this would be the year they finally got back into the playoffs. But through the first few weeks, things haven’t gone so well in the nation’s capital. Yet despite their slow start, Ben Mehic, over at FanSided’s Wiz of Awes, doesn’t want people to give up on the team quite yet.


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