Pass of the Night: Steph Curry to Andrew Bogut (Video)

Last night was one of the more memorable nights of basketball in recent memory. And really it was mostly just because of the thrilling Thunder vs. Warriors match-up. The Rockets vs. the Knicks was fine, but the real show came afterwards, out West, in Northern California.

When seeing Oklahoma City vs. Golden State on the schedule, this was exactly the kind of game that came to people’s minds. This meeting between two brilliant offensive teams filled with multiple superstars. This is what we dreamt of. This was why we love basketball so much. It’s rare when a hyped up match-up meets our expectations, and it’s even more astounding and beautiful when it exceeds them.

Late in the 2nd quarter, Steph Curry made one of his many contributions to the masterpiece put forth by the two teams last night. Bringing the ball down the court after a made basket, he made his way to the top of the key. From there he moved left, using a double-screen from Bogut and David Lee. He then began dribbling towards the basket, until he spotted Bogut rolling through the paint. But in-between Curry and the big Australian were the Thunder’s Serge Ibaka and Steven Adams. While that might seem like a dilemma to most people, it was no big deal to Curry, who whipped a left-handed bounce pass right between the two. It was right on the money, and Bogut snatched the ball up and slammed it home.

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