Pass of the Night: Iman Shumpert to Pablo Prigioni to Tyson Chandler (Video)

Last night’s hectic night of NBA action was opening night for every team who didn’t play Wednesday night, which was all but six teams. Two of those teams starting their seasons last night were the Milwaukee Bucks and New York Knicks.

The two squads are ultimately heading in different directions this year. The Bucks have an outside chance at a playoff spot, but most likely have a trip to the lottery in their future. The Knicks, meanwhile, are looking to improve on their second-round exit from last year’s postseason.

From the tip, the talent disparity between the two was evident. (Yes, the Bucks made a surge in the second half, but the game wasn’t as close as the final score says.)

Not even two minutes into the game, the Knicks electrified Madison Square Garden with some slick passing and a powerful dunk.

After trapping Brandon Knight near half court, four different Knicks combined to take the ball away from him. Raymond Felton was the one who corralled the loose ball, and quickly gave it up to Iman Shumpert. With a four-on-one fast break, Shump had a multitude of options, and went flashy, flipping the ball behind his back to Pablo Prigioni. LARRY SANDERS! stepped over and would likely have swatted any attempt Prigioni made to shoot the ball. Realizing that, Prigioni dropped it to a trailing Tyson Chandler, who smashed it home, with no resistance from SANDERS!

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