Report: Carmelo Anthony to Test Free Agency

Even with the new season right around the corner, it seems there is just as much hype and anticipation revolving around next summers’ off-season. The same amount of excitement as the Summer ’10, when the infamous ‘Decision’ was announced and now we could be heading that way again with another superstar.

According to ESPN, Carmelo Anthony wants to test out Free Agency and see what his value is around the league. Most people assume he will opt out to only get the 5-year max deal with the Knicks. Now with this news, let the fury of predictions of where Carmelo will land start. The timing was good, but something about this never benefits the team during the season with speculation surrounding them night after night.

May 7, 2013; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony (7) shoots a free throw against the Indiana Pacers during the first half in game two of the second round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s not forget this summers most intriguing rumor about a Melo/LeBron union in LA to bring the Lakers back to dominance after the failed Dwight Howard sweepstakes. This one seems a little far-fetched as well, but who would have thought that three years ago, the ‘Son of Akron’ would have left for the sunny and sandy beaches of Miami. The NBA is a win-now league and a superstar like Carmelo wants the best chance to win now, and win multiple rings. It is the very same reason why Dwight Howard left the Lakers (amid other silly reasons such as Kobe’s status as the face of the franchise). Now, more than ever, players are feeling the pressure of winning a title before their careers are over. Social Media has a lot to do with that pressure, along with the millions of dollars the players are commanding to call themselves the ‘Man’ on their collective teams. The new up-and-coming stars like a Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin will soon be knocking on the door of the championship glory. For guys like Carmelo – who’s window of opportunity might be getting smaller and smaller each season he does not win it all – the only option he might have is to team up with one or two guys who are looking to do the same thing for their legacy: winning an NBA championship.


Good Luck Melo……choose wisely.