Jordan White

Jordan White loves basketball, loves writing and loves writing about basketball. He marvels at every Ricky Rubio pass and cries after every Brandon Roy highlight. He grew up in Kansas, where, contrary to popular belief, there is running water, electricity, and no singing munchkins. Follow him on Twitter: @JordanSWhite

  • WamBam

    One of you guys need a new mic.

  • john steppling

    I was huge HUGE on schroder. I see him as a future all star in two years and even a candidate for ROY. I see trey burke as biggest dissapointment coming year, and schroder as biggest riser in popular perception. Im not sure what the hawks are about right now? Milsap isnt going to look as good in this context. I feel for Horeford. But maybe Budenholzer is the genius he himself thinks he is.

  • Will

    Enjoyed the podcast guys but please sort out the audio!