ICYMI: Suggested Basketball Reading From Across The Web

Another day, another set of basketball articles for you to enjoy. Here are today’s suggested readings from across the web.

The Ghost of Robert Swift: By Sam Riches (@Sam_Riches)

Robert Swift was once a promising young draft pick for the Seattle Super Sonics. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to cut it for a variety of reasons. Soon afterwards, his life spiraled out of control. Over at one of my favorite sites, The Classical, Sam Riches delves into the sad tale of the 7-footer from California.

Projecting the Golden State Warriors’ Record Using RAPM: By Joe Moore (@joe_m543)

This next piece comes to us from FanSided’s Golden State Warriors site: Blue Man Hoop. Author Joe Moore RAPM (Regularized Adjusted Plus Minus) to try and predict the Warriors’ record for next season. It is an interesting look at advanced stats and how they can be useful.

Charlotte’s Web: By Zach Lowe (@ZachLowe_NBA)

If you are an NBA fan, you really should be reading everything Zach Lowe writes, so here is his latest article from Grantland. In this piece, Lowe takes an in-depth look at the Bobcats to see what their plan is exactly, and what to expect from them moving forward.

Hi! How Was Your Summer? Oklahoma City Thunder: By Jack Winter (@ArmstrongWinter)

The folks over at Hardwood Paroxysm have a new series starting in which they take a look at teams’ off-seasons. In this edition, Jack Winter covers the Oklahoma City Thunder. He discusses their roster changes, and how the team will fare in this upcoming season.


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