15-Footer 12/12/2012: Cheap Seats Edition

It’s 12/12/12, yet the NBA decided to schedule 13 games which is oh so close to being perfect.

Plenty of cheap seats available though so go out and root for the home team.

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Atlanta Hawks at Orlando Magic – 7pm, EST

Cost: A lot of different options for less than $3. What else is happening on a Wednesday in Orlando, Florida?

Fun facts: Both Kyle Korver and Anthony Tolliver went to Creighton University. The Hawks have five players that did not attend college: Zaza Pachulia, Johan Petro, Josh Smith, DeShawn Stevenson and Lou Williams.

For the Magic, Josh McRoberts and E’Twaun Moore share the same birthday, February 28.

Brooklyn Nets at Toronto Raptors – 7pm, EST

Cost: The Nets with their new uniforms and new home arena seem to be a hot ticket even on the road; $12 for the upper level.

Fun facts: Reggie Evans’s full name is quite royal: Reginald Jamaal Evans.

Amir Johnson’s middle name is Jalla.

Cleveland Cavs at Indiana Pacers – 7pm, EST

Cost: 50 cents! Kyrie Irving is back and you and a buddy could spend less than $3 to see him live. Steal of the night.

Fun facts: Luke Walton has played 39 minutes so far this year and makes a little over 6 million this year.

Lance Stephenson who has been having a career year, partially due to more playing time, only makes $870,000.

Chicago Bulls at Philadelphia 76ers – 7:30pm, EST

Cost: $1!

Fun facts: Tom Thibadeaux used to have a full head of hair while Doug Collins used to have bleach blond hair.

LA Clippers at Charlotte Bobcats – 7:30pm, EST

Cost: Dunks raise ticket prices so it will set you back $10 to see Blake Griffin dunk in person.

Fun facts: Byron Mullens can do this.

Of course, Blake Griffin can do this.

Golden State Warriors at Miami Heat – 7:30PM, EST

Cost: $11 to see the defending champions is still a good deal.

Fun facts: The Heat are ranked second to last in rebounds per game while the Warriors are ranked 5th in the league in the same stat.

Dallas Mavericks at Boston Celtics – 8:00PM, EST

Cost: Tickets to Celtics games are always pricey but plenty of tickets for less than $20. Cheapest option is $12 to sit in the nosebleeds.

Fun facts: Jared Sullinger weighs the most out of all of the players in this game, tipping the scales at 280.

At 160 pounds Darren Collison, weighs the least out of all of the players in this game.

Sacramento Kings at Milwaukee Bucks – 8:00PM, EST

Cost: $1!

Fun facts: The Bucks have four guys on their roster with 10 or more years in the league, Drew Gooden, Mike Dunleavy, Samuel Dalembert and Joel Przybilla.

The Kings on the other hand only have one player with 10 or more years experience, John Salmons.

Washington Wizards at Houston Rockets – 8:00PM, EST

Cost: Linsanity could be back and you could be in attendance for only 99 cents!

Fun facts: Both teams have three international players on their respective rosters.

The Wizards have Nene, Kevin Seraphin, and Jan Vesely.

The Rockets have Omer Asik, Carlos Delfino and Donatas Motiejunas.

Denver Nuggets at Minnesota Timberwolves – 8:00PM, EST

Cost: Plenty of upper level tickets for less than $3. You can also splurge on behind the basket lower level seats for basically $10. Either way we all know that it is priceless to see JaVale McGee in person.

Fun facts: Brandon Roy, who has been injured for most of the season, is the third highest paid player on Minnesota’s payroll, making $5.1 million.

Wilson Chandler, who has been injured for most of the season, is the fourth highest paid player on Denver’s payroll, making $5.9 million.

New Orleans Hornets at Oklahoma City Thunder – 8:00PM, EST

Cost: As long as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook will be there, the Thunder will always be a hot ticket in OKC. Plenty of upper level tickets for less than $15.

Fun facts: The Thunder rank first in the league in points per game with 106.0 while the Hornets rank third to last in the league with 91.5 points per game.

Memphis Grizzlies at Phoenix Suns – 9:00PM, EST

Cost: $2 for the upper level and $5 for behind the basket in the lower level. Great value to see Tony Allen’s antics up close.

Fun fact: Wesley Johnson makes more money then Tony Allen.

San Antonio Spurs at Utah Jazz – 10:30PM, EST

Cost: $1!

Fun fact: Stephen Jackson talks rap, loyalty & life

Happy League Pass surfing

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