Drake Has Some Interesting Basketball Opinions


To be fair, today’s Miami Heat are probably better than whatever team the guy who keeps talking about Mutombo fingers is picking — 2001 Sixers maybe? 1994 Nuggets? 2003 Nets? — but picking the LeBron James-led Heat is probably the most Drake thing he could have done in a video that doesn’t feature a song where he’s whining about being famous. Of course he’d pick the Heat. It just fits so well.

via Video: Drake picks the worst best team ever

As Trey points out, it’s fitting that Drake would pick the Heat, and not just because he’s reportedly friends with LeBron. They’re both wildly popular and controversial in their respective fields. I wonder if Drake is known for “performing poorly during the last three songs of his album”. What other controversial opinions does Drake have about popular topics? (Important note: I have nothing against Drake.)

The Completely Fake Drake Postulates

1. “Sure, it’s cool that the Bills are 3-0, but the Eagles have a way better nickname.”


2. “A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? Slightly less than a million dollars.”


3. “Don’t get me wrong, I like PB&J sandwiches. But do we really need all that jelly?”


4. “Oh, the Mavericks are a good basketball team. But can Jason Kidd play above the rim? Can he even dunk? I’m seriously asking. I usually just watch Heat games.”


5. “The only thing that matters more than winning is almost winning with more athletic personnel.” 


6. “Keep trying to win championships, we’ll take the promotions/Hairlines”.


7. “Trying to beat the world, but at least we’re close/Second”. 


8. “Team name Heat/Nickname Greatest, but not technically”.


*The last few aren’t technically statements, but it seemed like a good time to do an impression of Drake’s rapping.

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