Anderson Varejao Out for the Rest of the Season With Ankle Injury

Seriously, what else can you say here? If you read the headline above, and are a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers, what do you really say?

Yes, it’s true. Anderson Varejao, one of Cleveland’s most valuable players (both on the floor and from a trade value standpoint), will miss the rest of the season after tearing a ligament in his ankle.

I mean honestly, is there any hope for this Cavs’ franchise right now? When LeBron James left, we knew they were going to struggle. And oh, have they struggled.

The Cavs are currently 8-28 on the season, and after a 1-14 record in December, it just seemed like things had to get better for this team. Well, enter this injury for Varejao, and now we could very well be looking at the worst team in the Association.

Now, I know that Varejao isn’t a top five center or anything like that. But there’s no doubt that he’s a big part of this team, and I’m not sure what they do now.

Even though some may contend that Varejao is overpaid, he still could have been a part of a deal had Cleveland chosen to join in on the trading game. Who knows what they could have gotten for him, but again, with him arguably being their most valuable player, they could have at least packaged him with another player or two and maybe got some high draft picks out of it.

But then again, I guess they won’t have to worry about that high draft pick now, as unfortunately, this injury probably just made them a lock for a top five pick in June’s draft.

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