ESPN Player Awards Watch: Now With 100% More Moore

3. Josh Smith, Hawks: You know that feeling you get right when something terrible is about to happen? That feeling in the pit of your stomach that just wrenches you over with an overwhelming sense of doom, and your palms sweat and your hand shakes? That must be what players feel when they’re driving and know Smith is coming from the weak side.

via Awards Watch – ESPN.

Yeah, that’s right. I quoted myself. I’m sorry. I didn’t know how else to make the transition and I really liked the way that blurb came out.

My list is very different from KD’s, for a few reasons. I love his Varejao pick, I do. Artest I feel like benefits from a very strong Lakers defense to the point where the other individual accomplishments gave them bumps. Dwight is included in mine mostly because I see so often what doesn’t happen. As in, teams are still afraid to challenge him and he can cut off one side then shift to the other and cut off the opposite.  Smith’s the lone Hawk besides Al Horford who’s been dialed in all season, and Rondo’s blown me away not only with the help defense and hustle plays, but his man-up play has been terrific. He cuts off angles much better this year.

In other news, Carl Landry is a runaway for sixth man and check out Abbott’s Most Improved List which I heartily agree with.

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