Another Night At The Office of Awesomeness.

What’s most impressive is how hard it is to shut him down for 48 minutes. An early pair of free throws not withstanding, Jennings didn’t score a point in the first half, but then had the balls to take (and make) a contested wing 20 footer to start the third. And he kept it going, with 10 more in the third and another dozen in the final quarter. Even with all his success shooting the ball from distance, he’s also mixing in enough drives to the hoop to keep defenses honest, which helps on nights like this when the threeball isn’t falling (1/6). Lots of Grizzly fouls in the final minute helped pad his scoring numbers, but it says a lot about how far Jennings has come that 26 points on 18 shots only seems like a so-so night for him.

via Recap: Bucks 103, Grizzlies 98 – Brew Hoop.

Pterodactyl with Wings of Fire has a so-so night with 26 points. I went to see 2012 last night because watching Jennings has convinced me the end is near.

Now, there are some things to watch out for. The league average for players playing 25+minutes is a True Shooting Percentage of 54.3%. Jennings is at 57.9%. He’s got a usage count of 31.54, good for sixth in the league for players 25+ minutes a game. That puts him above Dirk Nowitzki, for comparison purposes. His Turnover Ratio is slightly above the league average (again for players above 25+minutes) at 10.94. And his assist ratio is only slightly above the league average for players 25+ minutes a game. So the kid has some holes. But that’s the big thing. THE KID. For a player this young to have the ability to bounce backs from bad halves and respond, to consistently be putting up these performances, it’s huge. We’ve got something on our hands here, folks. Please don’t let it end, universe.

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