“You learn much more from English”

“You learn much more from English”

the Academic exchanges and Erasmus programmes They are exceptional opportunities for students to expand their academic, cultural and personal horizons. Learning English is often the first excuse to indulge, ultimately opening doors to experiences that stay in your backpack forever. “And I lived it that way,” he explains. Alba Grylls from Sabadellwho adds that “beyond the exchange of languages, it ended up becoming… cultural exchange”. Grylls went to a town near Chicago called Oswego to attend high school. He lived with a “very traditional” family and had two children. Although he admits that “at first you are completely out of your comfort zone,” he asserts that it is “a very nice experience.” The United States – and Canada as well – have proven themselves as a very attractive destination for carrying out this type of exchange. These are countries with a strong culture of academic exchange. In Alba's case, the exchange was made through…AFS organization Which supervises and manages stays abroad, exchanges and volunteer work. “The most beautiful thing is adapting to the lifestyle of the place you are going,” says the Sabadell woman. “I told them I would do what they did.” Every Sunday at seven o'clock in the morning he accompanied them to Mass, although he admitted that “this was something he had never done before.”

The experience forces you to gain confidence in your ability to manage daily life in a new and unfamiliar environment; Make decisions and solve problems independently, making you more independent and responsible. “There I also met people who came for exchange from other parts of the world, e.g Pakistan or Netherlands“A fact that made living in the United States “more interesting,” he explains. Anecdotally, Grylls remembers that at the school where he went to study, they made him explain some of the traditions of the place where he lived. “When I said I was from Barcelona, ​​one of the students asked me if Barcelona was in Africa,” he says. “It made me see that the world is so big and that there are people who cannot see beyond their homes,” he adds.

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the Bertha Folchalso from Sabadell, went to Edinburgh During a period when I was a student. “Apart from the fact that I met a very special person who I still cherish today, the experience in itself was very rewarding,” he explains. Folch admits that in the early days he was thinking, “Where have I reached myself?” But he points out that in the end, “it all turned out well.” When asked about a special anecdote, the Sabadell woman confirmed this “The worst was the food and the schedules”. Eating lunch at 12 noon and constantly eating “Brussels sprouts or things like that” made her “hate the food there a little bit,” she recalls with a laugh. Folch experimented to improve his English. In fact, he says, “After three months of communicating in English, not Catalan, it made me gain a lot of confidence, especially speaking.” When he finished his stay in Edinburgh, Berta and her family also received an exchange student into the house. “The experience was completely different,” he says. “She met all my friends, I took her to do the things she loved the most and I tried to spend as much time as possible with that person.”

“In my case, I've been close for nine months SeattleJana Losa, who is also doing this residency through AFS, points out that at the moment she is “basically learning the language, culture and lifestyle of the Americans.” “In high school, for example, everything is radically different,” he explains. He admits that there are difficult times, but stresses that “the good ones are much more!” The student points out the importance of joining, for example, a sport or some group activity to break the ice and start meeting people. “Now, I do athletics and I have already formed a group from friends; At first I played volleyball and it was great too.” In conclusion, Llussà emphasizes that “if there are people thinking about doing this, I recommend that they try this experience, it is unique.”

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