“You bastard.” Embarrassment in the studio, but Luxuria takes care of it

“You bastard.”  Embarrassment in the studio, but Luxuria takes care of it

The final is approachingFamous Islandwhich he conducted Ilary Blasey. In the eighth round there was no shortage of discussions, controversies and challenges between Shipwrecked. But not only. Tensions are rising even between Alvin and the reality show host who has often teased each other in recent weeks, giving some breaks and even snatching some laughs from viewers. The latest long-distance spat between a reporter fromHonduras And Ilary Blasey It happened right at the opening of the episode. Let’s go see what happened.

Isola, Alessandra’s goosebumps, gets sick during a test in the water. Alvin runs to help her: what happened

Isola, Mazzoli vs. Helena Prestes: “Bad copy of Belén, it’s Protén Rodriguez”. And she gets angry: “Italians are racists.”

Ilary Blaseyopen the link with Playa Palapaalive Alvin And they drowned. The reporter immediately took advantage of the moment to talk about the role he’s covering inFamous Island In recent weeks, addressing his colleague: “I feel a bit like your Charon, who transports souls from one place to another,” Alvin affirmed.

He replied, “You are a bastard, not Sharon.” Ilary Blasey. A play on words that froze the audience and even the reporter himself imitated the gesture of leaving the beach in shock. Even the same Vladimir Luxuria She stepped in to wet the air and defended the reporter: “No, that’s not true.”

A few hours later, the video of the drape between the two went viral on social media. There were many users who participated in the exchange between the presenter and the reporter who, once again, invaded the scene for the nature of their professional relationship and their complicity.

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