June 8, 2023

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World Light Day | News | University of Florence

University of Florence celebrate b International Day of Light in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, on the Sesto Fiorentino Campus, to promote an initiative that combines scientific quality with interest in publication and artistic value.

opened “Enlighten the Mind 2”a new part of the exhibition devoted to physics, the science of vision and optical illusions, which is enriched with two “treasures”: the photographic plate of color interference created by Gabriel Lippmann (Nobel Prize for Physics 1908 for this invention), proof of one of the first methods of color photography, and the work of Artistic by Marina Apollonio, one of the pioneers of visual art, an art movement that exploits modern materials, abstraction, and imagery to create dynamic structures and spaces.

This presence continues the happy marriage of art and science on an itinerary that already hosts works by Elisa Leonini and Gianni Sarconi. This initiative was introduced by the Head of the Optometry and Optometry Course, Massimo Gorioli. Rector Alessandra Petrucci, Director of the Department of Physics and Astronomy Duccio Vanelli, Director of the CNR INO Francesco Saverio Cataliotti, President of the Idis Città della Scienza Foundation in Naples, Riccardo Villari, Antigone Marino (Italian Physics Society and CNR ISASI), President of the Science and Technology Foundation Donatella Libyan. Speeches by Carla Giusti (Edis Foundation), Elisabetta Baldanzi (CNR INO), Martino Margheri (Strozzi Foundation), and artists Elisa Leonini and Marina Apollonio.

The exhibition will still be available by booking (info: [email protected]).

The workshop was also held on the occasion of the International Day of Light “From Liebmann Photography to Virtual Reality” In collaboration with the Italian Society of Physics and the Italian Society of Optics and Photonics. The meeting was attended by, among others, Unifi’s Vice-Chancellor for Research, Deborah Berti.

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