February 5, 2023

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World Cup: Qatar has already been eliminated, and England and the Netherlands are close to the last 16. The decision-maker between Iran and the United States – football

The first verdict has already arrived: Qatar After two matches he was eliminated. Only South Africa, among the host countries in history GlobalismDid not pass the first round: it was 2010. England and the Netherlands I’m pretty sure about 8th notes but not yet mathematically. Let’s see the situation in the respective groups, we remember that in the event of a tie, the goal difference is important, then the number of goals scored, and then the direct match.

Holland and Ecuador are absolutely identical: same points, same goal difference, same number of goals scored, and of course head to head match. If we are in the final day, fair play will be decisive: the Netherlands were better because they received a yellow card against the three from Ecuador. On the last day The Netherlands face already eliminated Qatar: a draw is enough to qualify, they need a win by a better margin than Ecuador to make sure they finish top. the same situation forEcuadorwhich deals with it SenegalWith a draw, he qualifies, but he has to do better than the Netherlands to be first. The Senegal Must win to qualify. With the draw, he must hope for an improbable collapse of the Netherlands (knockout with Qatar, with a difference of three goals).

Four teams compete. L’England It almost qualifiesTo be eliminated, they must lose by 4 goals against Wales (up to 7, if Iran and the United States end in a tie). TheIran pass if he wins. A draw could only be enough for him if Wales did not win. If he loses, he’s out. The Uses They cannot do the math: if they win they pass, if not they go home. The WellsFinally: he must defeat England. By any score, if Iran-USA ends in a tie, or with a difference of 4 goals, to put England and loser Iran-USA behind.

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