Work Zacchetti di Vidardo is looking for employees, but finding them is a mirage

Work Zacchetti di Vidardo is looking for employees, but finding them is a mirage

Work Zacchetti di Vidardo is looking for employees, but finding them is a mirage

Emilia Maddalena Zacchetti with her daughters Alessandra and Elena

  • Wednesday, August 31, 2022

He will need new employees. But she does not find them. The situation in the metalworker “Zacchetti Emilia Maddalena” of Castiraga Vidardo is similar to that of many other companies in the Lodi region: the work is there, the scale of production can increase, the manpower required is a mirage. The company has been operating since 1980, dealing with assembly and assembly of electrical components on behalf of an important industrial company in Milan. It has twenty employees, eighteen women and two men.

The owner is Emilia Maddalena Zacchetti, the wife of the founder Giuseppe Bartolotta, who passed away seventeen years ago. To support her in the administration there are two daughters Alessandra and Elena. “We had dozens of conversations without being able to solve the problem,” Alessandra explains. We are currently referring to four temporary agencies. In this period, we need at least four or five people, preferably women because the job requires a certain manual skill. We are looking for reliable, humble, respectful and motivating resources. Basic requirements for us. Experience in the engineering sector is required but due to the difficulties in obtaining new employment, it is not obligatory. Nor age. We try to offer job opportunities to anyone who shows interest. However, many conversations did not help. For one reason or another, in the end almost everyone backs out. We’ve made some appointments in recent years thanks to word of mouth, but it hasn’t been easy. However, we are looking for people to be appointed indefinitely, except for a trial period.”

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Sister Elena is directly interested in the interviews: “After Covid, many people stayed on foot. They came in many, even from very different business sectors than ours. We tried to make them understand that we have potential to grow. Unfortunately we were disappointed. In July, to take a recent example, we hired a girl on probation and, after two or three weeks of being followed up by our staff, gave us a one-month extension: after only two days of working independently she was placed on sick leave until the extension expired. Unfortunately, young people find it difficult to participate. But it is also difficult to find adults who want to change their mindset: there are those who prefer temporary benefits to permanent employment. ” Like all Italian companies, Zacchetti also has to contend with expensive energy. “We received bills that increased by 60-70%, which is a big problem – says Elena -. And to think that with new hires we can increase business, do whatever we can’t do now. They work the same hours, but with different results.”

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