Words Mourinho and Bento and the reactions of the fans in the match between Rome and Cremonese

Words Mourinho and Bento and the reactions of the fans in the match between Rome and Cremonese

Rome – On that day Nicolo Zaniolo He returned to the conversation with an open letter extending his hand to Rome, and Mourinho’s team lost 2-1 to Cremonese in the Italian Cup quarter-finals in one match. The 23-year-old striker, who remained with the Giallorossi after the January market closed, was the “stone guest” in tonight’s match at Stadio Olimpico. Especially waiting for a speech Thiago Pintoin the pre-game, and Jose Mourinhoafter the match, about the situation of the young Romanian talent, who risks remaining on the sidelines of the Giallorossi squad until June.

Roma-Cremonese 1-2, match report and statistics

11:53 p.m

Mourinho at the press conference

There is no doubt that Zaniolo comes to Mourinho for his usual post-match press conference. It is now clear among the journalists that Special One will not respond, as announced a few minutes ago on television by the Roma coach himself.

11:36 p.m

Mourinho on Zaniolo

Jose Mourinho is being pressed on almost all Canale 5 mics today Zaniolo’s open letter Who extended his mandate to Rome: “I do not want to comment. Ownership was very clear and I won’t be making any kind of comment.”

10:57 PM

Roma exclusion, whistles in the Olympic Stadium

Cremonese beat Roma 2-1, eliminating them from the Italian Cup. A rain of boos at the Olimpico at the end of the match.

Roma-Cremonese 1-2, match live blog

10:42 p.m

Roma go 2-0 down, but the fans are rooting for it

Despite being behind by two goals with 10 minutes remaining, Roma fans continue to support the team, hoping for a miraculous comeback.

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10:06 p.m

The second half begins

The start of the second half in the match between Rome and Cremonese. The visitors lead 1-0 thanks to a penalty kick that Desires hit in the 28th minute.


The first half ends

Cremonese led 1-0 at the end of the first half of the Olympico match against Roma. The Giallorossi fans were focused on supporting Mourinho’s side, but there was also some booing as teams returned to the dressing rooms. Mourinho left the bench a few minutes before the end of the first half of the match.


Another banner in the south to give responsibility to Rome

In the Curva Sud, at the start of the match, another banner appeared, divided into three parts, this time clearly dedicated to Mourinho’s sons who are playing in the Coppa Italia against Cremonese tonight: “Fight for the jersey, win for the glory, united we achieve victory‘, is the letter at the top, towards Tribuna Tevere, from the south, in the sector occupied by the Romanismo group.


The banner is against Zaniolo at Curva Sud

In the Curva Sud, on the balcony of the fedayeen, a double banner pierces Nicolo Zaniolo: “For us, wearing that shirt means honoring him, and for us, kissing that shirt means not betraying him.” It can be read in the first banner and then immediately below Holy RomeThe Ultras’ historic reference to the Giallorossi’s talent is clear, as the message was displayed for a few minutes at the start of the match. Read it all

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The race between Rome and Cremonese has begun

The Italian Cup quarter-final match between Roma and Cremonese has begun: at the moment there are no cheers or protests against Zaniolo, who is clearly not at the Olimpico.

8:30 p.m

Thiago Bento’s words about Zaniolo

When asked about Zaniolo’s open letter, Roma general manager Thiago Pinto said his speech over the Italia 1 microphones: “In the past 10 days, I have also talked about Niccolo two or three times, but today is not the time. In due course, the club and I will talk about this issue. Zaniolo’s relationship with his colleagues? I understand the curiosity, it’s impossible not to talk about this, but the club needs two days to be aware of the whole situation, I can’t say more now. When would be the right time? Let’s see next week. Did you expect more from the market? I’m always honest, I’ll talk about this next week. We’ve really improved the team a lot in the last few windows, this one The market has been tough for all teams And with all the risks that we had. Apart from the unproblematic English Premier League, all teams in Italy have had problems in this market. We did what was possible with the risks we had, but I’m not as happy with this transfer market as I was in the summer“. Read it all

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